Upgraded app from 6 to 7 nightmare

As of right now, 1Password is on my most hated app list. The good news is it easy to get off this list. I've been on 1Password6 and life was good. Then some update on my Mac, then my Windows and now my android phone. I can see my passwords, can't add new ones and its claiming I dont have a license! WTH!?!

Can someone please explain how to restore all of this without me shelling out ransom money to 1password ( You see, I'm more than upset and feel like the upgrade process is more of a ransom 'virus' requiring $$$ ). Gosh, I hope this isnt the case and there are real clear instructions on restoring usability.

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  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @gomario. Thanks for reaching out.

    As you've posted in our Android forum, is your problem related to 1Password on Android? The reason I ask is because the upgrade to 1Password 7 on Android was free. However, as our standalone licenses only cover a single version of the app, if you had a 1Password 6 for Mac license or a 1Password 4 for Windows license, they will not cover the upgrade to 1Password 7 on those platforms. The standalone version requires a new license for major upgrades.

    If you would like an option that includes upgrades, I'd recommend a 1Password membership. You'll get all devices covered, free upgrades, and automatic sync.

    If you want to stick with the standalone version, you'd need to purchase a new license for Windows and Mac, or go back to the versions you purchased.

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