no place to enter secret key

I'm trying to log in to 1Password on my computer. I can't remember why because it's taken so long and is such a PIA.

1P won't accept the Master password that I KNOW is correct. When I am directed to have 1P send me an email message with a link to a page on which I'm supposed to enter my secret key, there is no field in which to enter it. It already exists in the empty field. The only choices are to go back or delete my account, losing all my information.


1Password Version: 7.2.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS 10.13.6
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:secret key


  • I discovered that if I get to the 1P URL from my Accounts in 1Password for Mac, I can log-in to Now I'll post about primary vs personal vault and the problems with migrating.

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    @capgemlb - I'm sorry for the trouble. When you say you're trying to sign into 1Password, how do you mean? In a browser at In the native 1Password 7 for Mac app? It sounds as if you've signed in with one account in the past, and so the Secret Key is saved in browser memory. You should be able to click "use a different account" at the bottom of the page (depending on where you are), or use a different browser. Do you possibly have more than one account (or did you have one in the past, and maybe create a new one recently)?

  • Hi Lars, Sorry! I didn't see the notification about your response. I did figure out how to migrate, thanks! I was just very confused about the Primary vs Personal vaults at first and was loathe to delete one.

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    Sorry! I didn't see the notification about your response.

    No worries. It's our job to answer you here, not yours to answer us. :)

    I did figure out how to migrate, thanks!

    Glad to hear it! That's excellent. All's well that ends well.

    I was just very confused about the Primary vs Personal vaults at first and was loathe to delete one.

    If it helps, you were unfortunately far from alone in this way of thinking, and it's not your fault. We've spent the last dozen years conditioning 1Password users almost too effectively in this particular regard. Many users took the opportunity to switch not only from 1Password 6 for Mac to version 7, but also to migrate from a standalone setup to a account in the process. The end result of doing so has many advantages, but our "mistake" in the process was in automating everything except the removal of the old Primary vault, once your data had been successfully migrated. WE knew that old Primary vault was no longer necessary and could actually be an impediment, but we offered users the choice to retain their old Primary vault because there might be a (very) few instances when having both could be desirable.

    The problem was that too many of you saw the prompt to delete your old, empty, no-longer-necessary Primary vault, and thought (quite legitimately) "ACK! NO! DANGER! I'm not deleting my Primary vault! That's where all my data is!" To be clear, it's actually in many ways a GOOD thing people thought this, because it means you are being appropriately cautious about your most important data -- and we should be applauding you for it. And we should've realized there were going to be way more of you who were going to respond the way you did to a pop-up saying "delete primary vault?" than there would be users who intentionally wanted to keep a standalone vault for some other purpose. So, lesson learned: in the current iteration of 6-to-7-and-standalone-to-membership migration, we no longer offer the option to retain your Primary vault as a choice: we just verify that the transfer of data was successful, and then we remove the Primary vault without asking. Users who REALLY want a standalone vault in addition to their membership can always add it back later if they so desire.

    Anyway, glad to hear things worked out for you, and thanks for closing the loop with me, even though you shouldn't feel obligated to. Have a great rest of your week! :)

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