Suggestion - creating a ‘recents’ view

I’m a personal user of several years & I’d find a view of ‘recently created passwords’ really helpful. ie last 6 months. Does that already exist? If not, any chance?


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    Welcome to the forum, @DELGADO59! Thanks for the idea -- what you're asking about doesn't exist in specifically the way you envisioned it, but it does exist in the following way:

    1. In the main 1Password window, make sure you're in All Vaults view (or a specific vault, if that's what you want).
    2. From the Categories menu in the left sidebar, choose the Passwords category.
    3. At the top of the items list, click the Sort By drop-down menu, and choose either Date Modified or Date Created. This should give you a date-sorted list of your most recently created Password items.

    Hope that's helpful! :)

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