Can't re-activate Frozen single membership with Family plan

I have a frozen individual membership, and a new annual family membership.

When I use the link to activate the family plan, I end up logged in to my frozen account with no way to un-freeze without paying another subscription

What's going on?

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  • As far as I remember you cannot add an existing account to family. What you'd have to do is login to the frozen Account in a 1Password-Desktop-App an export your data, preferably as a .1pif file. Important: This file is unencrypted. After exporting sucessfully, delete the old individual account and then create a new one with the invitation from the family account. Afterwards, import the .1Pif file to the newly created account. Then delete the 1.Pif File.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I end up logged in to my frozen account with no way to un-freeze without paying another subscription

    Each account has its own unique Secret Key. You'd need to enter the Secret Key for your account within the 1Password Families membership in order to log in to that account.


  • I admit I'm reading between the lines here, but are you saying that I need to create a new account to start the family, rather than start the family from my own account?

  • Doodler_BenjiDoodler_Benji

    Team Member

    Hi @LO!, those lines are not quite as blurred as you might think. If you have been able to setup your Family account, you do not need to start another subscription. You need to sign in to the family account using the credentials for the family account and not the individual account. it sounds like you're still accidentally signing in to the individual account here.

    When you visit make sure the Secret Key, email address and Master Password you enter are those associated with the new family account you've created and not the individual account.

  • Not so much blurred, more of a tangled mess.

    I have a 1Password Family activation link.
    After I open that link (and validate with an emailed code), this screen:

    Sure, the treehouse is pretty, but I'd prefer to know the consequences of the two choices.

    Obviously, I want my data, so I chose the existing account

    This is wrong?

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @LO!

    To make sure we are not missing anything here, do you have the Emergency Kit for your new Families account? To avoid confusion, can you please try to login to the Families account from a different browser? This way you can really make sure you are entering the correct Secret Key and login to the correct account.

  • I don't have a families account, I have an activation link to create a families account

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for clarifying. Please copy the activation link and open it in a fresh browser where you have not logged into 1Password before (alternatively, do so in private browsing / incognito mode). This will ensure that there is no way you end up getting signed into the existing account. Create the account, be sure to print the Emergency Kit at the end of the process, and then sign into the new account in one of the apps that already has your individual account added. From there copy all of your data from the individual account to the new account within the 1Password Families membership:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    Once complete you can delete the individual membership:

    How to delete your 1Password account

    (this will get rid of the duplicates you see)

    Does that help?


  • Sweet suffering tacos

    You expect civilians to do this?! And feel safe?

    Never mind, I've migrated back to 1P6. It's faster, easier to use, better looking and 100% less ransomware

    AgileBits have really lost their way

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I'm sorry we've made you feel that way. :( You've found yourself in a bit of an oddball situation, hence the somewhat elaborate instructions to get back on track. This is not the typical experience. For what it's worth, 1Password 6 should be looked at as a temporary measure. There will come a point where it stops working entirely based on changes to other software on your system (including the operating system itself) and the fact that v6 is no longer being updated. If you change your mind, and want to get back on the right path, we'll be here to help.


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