What am I paying for?

I saw a few videos and thought this might be a great way to secure all of my passwords online. I use a Chromebook laptop and an Android phone.
On Android, this is a major headache to use. I added Robinhood in 1password, used 1password to generate a secure password for Robinhood, and changed my password on Robinhood's website. 1password did not make any suggestions, and never autofills any forms.
After I went through the password change process, I went to log in. Logging in to the app, 1password suggests that it can autofill, then asks me to search my vault for what I want, I select Robinhood, then it warns me that "1Password is unable to verify if Robinhood should have access to Robinhood." Are you kidding me?

With the amount of hassle this is, why am I paying $5/ month for my family to use this product, when in essence, it is nothing more than a random string generator? I could download a free random string generator app, copy/paste the random string, and let Google SmartLock save it for free. It syncs seamlessly across all of my devices, and actually autofills for me.

Am I missing something here? I'm new to this product, and all of the video tutorials I can find are about the Chrome extension and desktop usage, which I don't care about. I know how to use those. But the Android version of the app is truly pathetic. I can use my fingerprint to unlock my phone, but when it comes to using my fingerprint to unlock 1password, it fails several times, then requires my master password. Why?

Support pages only show how to set everything up, which I was able to follow without problems. I have enabled all permissions, accessibility, etc. for the app, but it doesn't work well at all.

I contacted support a few days ago and never heard back. This whole operation is starting to look like a scam. Can someone here set me straight? Is there any reason I should keep this service when all it does is generate random strings for $5/month, which I have to manuallyl copy/paste myself into the reset password forms, then into the login forms?

I look forward to hearing back. Hopefully the community here has more to say than the company's support team- they were entirely unresponsive to my support request.

Extremely Unsatisfied Paying Subscriber

1Password Version: 7.1.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 9
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @mattzab. Let me explain filling in 1Password for Android.

    First, we support Autofill, which is a framework provided by Google. In order for Autofill to be available, the app or browser you're filling into must also support Autofill, as 1Password is already supporting it, and will use it whenever it's available.

    1Password on Android also has a built in accessibility service for filling in cases where Autofill isn't supported. This is a service that scans the page to determine where login forms are, and allows you to fill. For this, the given app or site needs to support accessibility events.

    Between these two implementations, filling is supported in most cases. I use Robinhood myself, and I see that Autofill is indeed supported in this app. When creating a new Login, I was prompted to save the Login with 1Password, as is the expected behavior with Autofill. After doing this, the app was correctly linked to the saved Login, and offered for filling when I went to log back in. This is what should have happened on your end. If this isn't the case, then I believe there may be an issue with Autofill on your end. Can you launch 1Password and go to Settings > Filling, then disable Autofill and reenable it? Go ahead and do the same with the accessibility service in case it's malfunctioning.

    The first time you fill into any app from 1Password using Autofill, you will see the search prompt. You then need to choose the Login you want to fill, and 1Password will ask if you are sure you want to fill into this app using this Login. This is to prevent 1Password filling into any bogus apps or sites. Once you've filled it, the app will be linked to the Login, and it will show up as the option for filling from then on. So while you will indeed see the "1Password is unable to verify if should have access to " prompt the first time you fill into an app, you should only see that once for each app.

    1Password uses the fingerprint framework provided by the system, so if your device supports Google's fingerprint framework, it should work seamlessly in 1Password. I see you're using the Pixel XL, so this should be working just fine. Please try disabling Fingerprint Unlock and reenabling it, if you're still having trouble.

    In addition to 1Password on Android. a Families membership covers 1Password on all devices, as well as access to your data from 1Password.com, and upgrades, for all of the members on the account.

    Also, I do indeed see that you reached out over email yesterday, and it looks like Andi has replied. If you prefer to continue the conversation over email, please do, so that we can keep it in one place.

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