Unable to sign in to 1 password family account in Chrome, works fine in Safari log in data is fine

I have downloaded the 1password extension in Chrome, but can't log in. It requests email, secret key, and master password, then tells me one is incorrect. Yet I have no problem at all logging in with the same email, secret key, and master password in Safari, so I know the data is correct.

1Password Version: 7.2.5
Extension Version: 1.14.1
OS Version: 10.14.3
Sync Type: family account
Referrer: forum-search:I am unable to sign in to 1password family account in Chrome, works fine in Safari


  • Hi @SailorDad123,

    As you've supplied a version number for 1Password for Mac I wonder if you might try something for me please.

    1. In Chrome visit https://my.1password.com/signin so the form is ready.
    2. Switch to 1Password for Mac and enter 1Password's preferences.
    3. Switch to the Accounts tab where you ought to see your 1Password account listed in the sidebar and already selected.
    4. Using copy and paste, copy the registered email address and secret key over. Both fields are clickable and copy is the default action.
    5. Type in your Master Password.

    If Chrome still tells you something is incorrect can you check something for me please. Back in 1Password enter the menu Vault > Switch to Vault. Is there a Primary vault under the header On my Mac, On Dropbox or possible On iCloud? I'm just wondering if there is a standalone vault as 1Password for Mac would use the Master Password for that to unlock itself and we have seen that cause confusion as a 1Password account can be a separate password.

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