computer died, no longer access paid copy of 1password


Hi, 1password has been an excellent system for me....until recently. I have had 1password on my iphone and computer since about 2014 at least. I bought the app for my iPhone and another app for my MAC computer. Recently my MacBook unexpectedly died. 1password is functioning on the iphone but I cannot get it running on my new computer. I do not have a secret key - they were not given out then, I have a stand-alone system I believe. All the info online to find the key or bypass the key does not work. I still have access to my passwords via my iphone but I'm not feeling secure at all about 1password. I have already lost access to the computer version. If my iphone were to die, I no longer have faith that my passwords would be available. I'm surprised by how difficult this has been to reinstall 1password on my MAC (reminder - I paid for the app). I have the password for 1password. Overall, it's been a super frustrating experience.

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  • It sounds as if you purchased a license to 1Password 6 or older for your MacBook. Did you buy that on the Appstore or directly from Agilebits? If you bought it on the App Store you need to download 1Password 6 from your purchase history, since version 7 is a completly new App with a new license that you do not (yet) own. If you bought it directly from Agilebits you can download it from the following link and then enter your licensing information: The older versions can be found in the lower right hand corner.

    Another question is what service did you use to sync 1Password for Mac to your iPhone? Dropbox, iCloud or another solution? If you used Wifi-Sync I would very much advice you to revisit your backup-strategy.

    In case you used Dropbox or iCloud you then should be able to access your data on your mac again with the older version you have a license for.

    If that works you should consider either moving on to the subscription service (I recently did and have not been looking back ever since) or buy a standalone license for the mac of 1Password 7 (only possible with the version you download from the downloads page).

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    Hi @kitkit,

    It looks like @peacekeeper pretty well covered the situation. Did you have a chance to review their response?

    Thanks for jumping in here peacekeeper.


  • Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to give me this suggestion - I hope you don't mind me having a couple more questions.

    To further complicate things, I had to upgrade to a new iPhone yesterday (daughter dropped it). I had a back-up from iCloud - but on the iPhone, it upgraded to the new 1password. Now, I have no access to 1password on either the iPhone or the Mac. I am so upset as all my passwords and info is in there - about 700 notes. I paid for both the MAC and iPhone versions.

    I went into the MAC purchases in the App Store. I purchased '1password for MAC' in 2015. I tried to download it again but am not sure what option to safely go with. If I go on, I need this key which I don't have. Under 'more options', one option is listed as 'restore from backup'. Should I do this?

    I'm not sure how to get 1password back on my phone. That is a whole other problem.

    I so appreciate this forum. Is there any way for me to talk to anyone in person? I've really liked 1password but am not feeling confident that this is fixable...and for me it will be a huge problem.

    Thank you SO much for any help!

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    @kitkit - when you are using 1Password in standalone mode, your data is kept locally and backed-up locally. It can also be synced if you want that, using iCloud or Dropbox or WLAN sync. If your previous Mac died AND your iPhone recently was dropped and the data cannot be recovered from it, then things get a bit dicey. It sounds as if you were using some form of sync previous to these two devices being damaged. What sync method did you use -- do you remember? Was it Dropbox? WLAN? iCloud?

  • Hi, yes, there was a sync in place between 1password. Likely it was iCloud. If you could let me know how to proceed, that would be great.

    As to my question re: attempting to download the old 1password 6 - is this no longer a good option?

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    @kitkit - you're certainly welcome to re-download 1Password from your previous purchases in the Mac App Store. That's NOT the same as downloading it from the front page of the Mac App Store, as that's -- for the first time ever -- a "new version" of 1Password. If you download from the main page of the Mac App Store, you'll be getting 1Password 7 for Mac, which doesn't have a standalone purchase option and isn't the same as what you paid for in the past.

    For now, to retrieve your data, you'll want to do the following:

    1. (on your iPhone): download and install 1Password 7 for iOS from the App Store. On first-run, choose the iCloud option. Your data should be available and unlock-able with your Master Password. Let me know if that's not the case.
    2. (on your Mac): if you've downloaded the current version (1Password 7 for Mac) by mistake, you'll need to remove it first. Make sure you FULLY quit it, then open the Mac App Store and visit your purchase history and install the older version (6.8.9) directly from there, then on first-run, choose the iCloud option once more. You should see all your data.

    For the future, version 6.8.9 is now retired and in legacy mode. This means it will no longer be receiving development attention, and it will eventually become less and less compatible as you continue to upgrade your browser and version of macOS. At some point, you're going to want to upgrade to 1Password 7 for Mac, in order to maintain compatibility. In 2015, when you say you purchased 1Password for Mac, that would've been our version 5. Since then you've gotten version 6 as a free upgrade. Version 7 is a paid upgrade now, four years later. If you want to upgrade now, you should download and install 1Password 7 for Mac from our downloads page, instead of the Mac App Store version, as we no longer offer the standalone purchase option for the Mac App Store version. The other option would be a membership, which is actually what I recommend.

    I know that's a lot of information, but you're at a bit of a crossroads. You CAN just install the previous version that you've always had...but its time is drawing to a close. If you know you want to do that then you can ignore my last paragraph. But if you're thinking the time is as good as any to upgrade and you have other questions about the best way to proceed, don't hesitate to ask! :)

  • Hi Lars, thank you so much for responding. At this point, I would GLADLY upgrade and pay more for the new system...if that means I can get my data back. If that is the case, I'll just proceed directly to that. Could you let me know if that will happen?

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    At this point, I would GLADLY upgrade and pay more for the new system...if that means I can get my data back.

    I want to be clear that you are NOT required to upgrade just to get your data back. We never hold your data hostage behind some kind of paywall. If you were syncing previously via iCloud, it should truly be as simple (on both iOS and Mac) as downloading/installing what you had previously, then (on first run) connecting with iCloud as your data/sync source. You could totally do that.

    I'm just pointing out that, while such a thing is fine for now, with 1Password 6 for Mac being a legacy product, it won't be forever. So now's perhaps the best time to move. If you want to have a account (individual or 1Password Families, which includes up to five people in a family), you'd still need to recover that data from iCloud first. Let's try that first: what do you have installed on your Mac right now? 1Password 7 or older 1Password? Or nothing?

  • Okay, great. I most likely will upgrade, but yes, it is vital I get my data back.

    Because I had to get a new MAC computer, I had to start over with installing 1password. When I go on 'about 1password', it says it is version 6.8.9 on the MAC.

    Lars, is there any way to get help from you but not on the public forum? or is the route to go? is so, let's just proceed - I appreciate any help.

  • Or this version 6.8.9 might be the version I installed from the iCloud...I did try to download my purchased 1password and this might be it

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    Lars, is there any way to get help from you but not on the public forum?

    No, heavens, this isn't our only option. I was just about to suggest we take this to email. Please email us at [email protected] from whatever email address suits you best, and include in the body of your email a) my name and b) a link to this thread on the forum. You'll receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant which will contain a Support ID number. Please post that number here in this thread, so we can "connect the dots." Thanks! :)

  • Hi, wonderful. I will email right now! Thank you!

  • I will send the support # as soon as I receive it. Thank you.

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    Sounds good; thanks @kitkit. It should come through not more than a couple minutes after you send the email.


    ref: WTY-79476-318

  • support ID is [#WTY-79476-318]

  • brentybrenty

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    Thanks! We'll get back to you shortly and continue the conversation via email.

  • Hi @kitkit, just being curious, were you able to get your data back? :)
    Fingers crossed!

  • brentybrenty

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    I'll leave it up to them if they want to post an update here later on. :)

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