Web site does not accept configured userid automatically

A website, https://leplb0640.upoint.alight.com/web/unisys/login?forkPage=false#/ , when opened prompts for a userid and password. Both are configured, but when i click on the icon (using Chrome), it appears to only accept the password and refuses to accept the userid until i type it in myself. When 1pw tries to fill in both userid & pw, the response is that the submitted userid is blank. Is it looking for a parameter different than username? If so, how can i correct it?

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  • Hi @hjhermans,

    I see the site uses a password field for both the username and password. Now I don't have a test account for this site and given it requests digits from an SSN it doesn't look like I can create one either. This means I may need your assistance with testing.

    First, can you try saving a new Login item within the browser using the steps outlined on our support page How to save a Login manually in your browser. Does this new item behave in the same way? I can get the site to respond with a message about the user ID field being blank and I'm not given that error message when I try filling with a dummy Login item saved using those steps.

    It could be the version of 1Password is important here as well. If a freshly saved Login item doesn't help can you let me know what version of 1Password you have and the 1Password extension as well.

  • That worked. Thanks. The only thing that is not quite right, and this is true for several web sites, is the fact that after i double click on the login item the page loads and displays the userid/pw but does not automatically fill in the userid and pw. I have to click on the 1pw button in the browser and select the item again. The item is configured to 'submit when enabled'.

  • Hi @hjhermans,

    The Submit when enabled setting is connected to the global Automatically sign in after filling usernames and passwords setting. From your mention of that I can infer you're not using 1Password 7 for Mac as that feature has been removed. It's quite separate from open-and-fill where 1Password chains together the two actions open this specific URL and then fill the loaded page using this Login item.

    I've only tested 1Password 6 and 7 for Mac at the moment but open-and-fill appears to work. I'm unsure why it isn't for you at the moment. The fact that filling the opened page means we know the Login item is good but why would open-and-fill work for me but not for you?

    Can you let me know what version of 1Password you have and your preferred browser please. Maybe testing a combination closer to what you use might reveal similar results.

  • Am using 1pw 7 on Windows. Not using Mac at all.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @hjhermans: That's good to know. If you're still having trouble, so that we're on the same page going forward, could you tell me the exact Windows, 1Password, browser, and extension versions you're using there, as lil bobby requested earlier? Thanks! :)

  • 1pw version: 7.3.657
    Chrome version: Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Windows 10: version 1803

    When i double click on the 1pw item, the page is loaded and the userid/pw fields are displayed but they are not filled by 1pw until i select the item again in the Chrome extension.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @hjhermans: Thanks for letting me know! Do you maybe not have Chrome open yet when you do that? If there's enough delay with browser, 1Password will give up on filling rather than waiting indefinitely. If you open 1Password mini from within Chrome, does that work better?

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