In-Form Generate Password - Immediately Attempts To Save Login?

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Hi there,

Recently moved from 1Password 4 to the 1Password X. Love most of it, only 2 things that really bug me -

1) Unlocking 1Password in Chrome doesn't unlock it on Desktop, and vice versa - not a major problem.

2) (and far more annoying) When you use the 'Suggested Password' option to generate a password when registering for a site online, 1Password immediately attempts to save the login. 99.5% of the time, I don't WANT to immediately save the login, as often i'm only half way through filling out the form details! Even more annoyingly, if it attempts to do so (and you hit Cancel so you can fill the rest of the form), it doesn't offer to save your registration/login details when you DO go and hit the Submit etc button - 1Password 4 used to do this flawlessly.

Is there any way to completely disable 1Password attempting to immediately save the login details when you generate a password, and instead have generate password just do exactly that - generate a password and then let you carry on your merry way?


1Password Version: X
Extension Version: 1.14.1
OS Version: Windows 10 Enterprise
Sync Type: X / Dropbox


  • Hi @blackrazornz,

    I don't think there is. Unlike 1Password 4 where you were used to 1Password displaying a prompt after submitting the form 1Password X has the save prompt immediately. Without it your only option would be to go digging into the password generator history. For the majority of users offering to save immediately likely makes sense. If you still want a prompt but only after you know the form has been successfully submitted then you're not alone but oddly it isn't something we're seeing huge demand for. It would still be nice but at the moment this isn't a workflow that 1Password X supports.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables ,

    how about giving the user a button to paste the password and copy it to the clipboard? I made a quick mockup for that with also a regenerate button alongside that:

    I would rather recommend @blackrazornz to just click in the password field as last step, but maybe that could help him? He would still need to click into the password field though before submitting to save the login data. Or 1password X would need to implement an interrupt on form submissions, which to me seems possible but also may be unreliable.
    I agree that immediately saving the login is propably favored by most (including me), but options are always nice to have.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    The clipboard is not really a secure place to keep a password, in both senses of the word; and there's nothing guaranteeing that something else doesn't wipe out that password there anyway. We'll continue to iterate on the design, but we want to make sure we make it less error-prone rather than more. :)

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