Unlocking 1Password X jumps focus to Firefox's first tab


I am using the following:

• 1Password X for Firefox v1.14.1
• 1Password for Windows 7.3.657
• Firefox 'Quantum' 65.0.2 (64-bit)
• Windows 10 Professional 'Insider Preview' build 18348.19h1 (though the problem has been seen in earlier versions)

I usually have multiple tabs open in Firefox. When I want to open 1Password X I am prompted to hit 'Ctrl + 1' - as soon as I do this the first tab (i.e., furthest left) in Firefox receives the focus. This is really annoying as I have to then locate the tab I was previously working in and then open 1Password X again to supply the password.

Is this behaviour by design?

Kind regards,


1Password Version: 7.3.657
Extension Version: 1.14.1
OS Version: Windows 10 Build 18348
Sync Type: 1Password account


  • Hi @BrisbaneMango,

    So I'm a little surprised as the default keyboard shortcut is ctrl + . (ctrl + period) on Windows. The shortcut is configurable though so you can alter it to whatever you want but at some point I can only guess that you accidentally set it to ctrl + 1.

    Anyway, with 1Password X unlocked click the 1Password X button in the Firefox toolbar, click the cog button and then Settings. In there you will find an option titled Open with keyboard shortcut under the General section and that should help.

  • Hello @littlebobbytables,

    A-ha! I'd changed the keyboard shortcut to 'Ctrl + 1' as 'Ctrl + Period' interfered with an AutoHotKey keyboard shortcut I've created. It seems that 'Ctrl + 1' is in fact a Firefox shortcut to jump to the first open tab!

    I've changed 1Password X's keyboard shortcut back to the default and prevented the AutoHotKey keyboard shortcut from firing when Firefox has the focus. All fixed now!

    Thanks for your assistance!

    Kind regards,


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Ohh you'd changed it. That's a relief. Glad that lil bobby was able to help you get it sorted. Cheers! :)

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