Disable 1password on a lost phone

My wife lost her phone, which has 1password on it. Is there a way to disable that device from accessing our account?

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  • brentybrenty

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    @mbinnard: I'm sorry to hear that. If you're using a 1Password membership account, you can deauthorize that device:


    Just keep in mind that can only work if the device is online. Otherwise it cannot receive the deauthorization request -- same as a remote wipe of the device will not happen if it is not connected to the internet to get that command.

    Otherwise, if you're using 1Password without a membership, there is no account and no way to deauthorize anything, as no authentication was used in the first place, and there is no server for the app to get any request from.

    I'd actually suggest starting with a remote wipe of the device, if possible, as there is probably non-1Password stuff on there that you wouldn't want someone else to have. 1Password's data is encrypted (using the Master Password you chose), but that's not necessarily the case with everything else on the device. If a long, strong, unique Master Password was used, 1Password's data will be the least at risk at least. :)

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