Master password every time for Citi Mobile app

Every time I need to enter a username and password in the Citi Mobile app using 1Password I’m not given the Touch ID option to unlock 1P. I have to enter the master password each time.


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    @TomWolsky - try unlocking the 1Password app first, then see if you're able to use Touch ID with the Citibank app.

  • Citi Mobile app isn’t working for me for the moment on my iPhone. So I go to Citicard in Safari. That of course bumps me to the mobile site, which 1P doesn’t recognize. If I use passwords to access 1P I’m asked if I want to create a password. I don’t. I want to access the database, but there is no search function. I’m offered a BestBuy password for some reason, or create new. Why is there no access to search?

    P.S. still needing to enter the master password every time I go to 1P from passwords. Still no Touch ID option.

  • I missed your reply. Sorry. I don’t want Touch ID in CotiMobile as I access it for multiple accounts with different credentials. What I want is the option to use Touch ID when I go to 1P from the passwords option and not have to enter the master code for 1P every time I need to access it.

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    @TomWolsky - right, I understood you. Sorry for not being clearer. What I meant is: make sure you unlock 1Password first, then see if that works for you (using Touch ID in 1Password from within the Citi app).

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    @TomWolsky: I've merged the other discussion you started here as well (and I don't think you're using the beta). Please don't create multiple discussions about the same issue. We don't have any control over the Citi app or website, but I have accounts with them myself and am happy to do what I can to help if you're having difficulty. :)

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