Duplicate account consolidation

I have a team account and an individual user account and would like to consolidate the accounts so I'm not paying for both accounts

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    Welcome to the forum, @tthenne! The easiest way to do that would be to decide which account you would like to keep (this is assuming you're the owner of the 1Password Teams account), and then make sure both accounts are added into 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows, then move all of your items over between one account and the other. This process comes with a couple of caveats: you will lose any links you've created between items in the source account, meaning you'd have to re-create such links later in the account you intend to keep. Also, Document items (if you have any) cannot be directly transferred in this in-app manner; you'll need to open the Documents category (in the left sidebar of 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows) and download each item (unencrypted, of course), then re-upload each of them into the account you plan to keep. All other items should transfer quite easily using the instructions at the above link.

    Finally, you'd want to sign into the account you plan to retire in a browser, and remove your credit card information so you won't be billed again at the next renewal date. You can also take that opportunity (if you like) to fully delete the unwanted account. Let us know if you run into any problems. :)

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