Using Rewards and Membership items

I love that 1Password has lots of different item types. Especially for rewards programs, memberships, bank accounts and documents.

Something I have been trying to figure out though is how to use these when they also have website logins. For example I store my Delta Airlines as a rewards item, which contains my membership id and also the password. However it doesn't seem like I can use the password from this item to log in on the website. I have been creating additional login type items that contain the password, but then I get warnings from 1Password for "duplicating" the password.

Ideally I'd love to have everything under one item for my various rewards programs, banks and memberships. The additional fields for the various types are useful, and I like the categorization in the sidebar. I just need to figure out how to use them to input username and passwords on the websites as well. Anyone know?

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    @mysticflute - yeah, this is an area we're looking to improve. There are a few such: an email account where you've created a dedicated Email item in 1Password...but you also created a Login item to sign into their webmail client in a browser...and 1Password tells you the password is reused. We don't currently have a solution for that, but we're aware of the issues where it can happen through no fault of your own, and we're thinking about how to best address this. For now, thanks for your patience and please accept our apologies for the inconvenient and (essentially) incorrect Reused Password warning.

  • Ok that's good to know it's something in mind. Thanks for the answer.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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