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A password managers seems like an excellent idea. So I installed everything and it worked fine - except that I chose a master password that was too complicated. I work on a Mac (Mojave), I recently switched to Brave and I use Android.

When at work I log into multiple systems. After my screen saver kicked in I had to enter the master password every time - which is a bit annoying when the password is too complicated. So I decided to change the password.

And I did and I chose a too complicated password again and I did that three times in a row. 1password saved it but there something must have gone wrong because after that I could no longer login with my master password - only to find out that there is no password recovery - even if I would have known the last 3 password that worked.

After reading a little I found out that - while still having access to the app on Android - I can export my data except that in the advanced settings there's no "Export to primary vault" as described on the support site - at least not on my Android. So I tried this and that, read a little more but no export.

I read a little more and found out that I could create a new account and move my logins there. I did that but when attempting to move, the new account would not show. I tried and I tried a little more and after an hour - well it showed and I could move my logins. Never give up!

So I thought better delete the old account now (before they start billing) but there is no delete button in Android and since I cannot login.... I wrote an email - please delete the account - maybe I hear one day...

My mood had improved since after hours of reading and trying there was some success. So opened my browser and clicked on the extension icon and I was asked to enter my master password. Well, not the new one but the old one that got "lost" when changing it. I removed the extension and installed it again - same thing. I look for changing accounts - nothing.

So I moved on to the app on the Mac. Same thing: enter master password (old one, I mean the lost one). I look for a way to change accounts - all blocked. I de-install and re-install: same thing. De-installing is also not so easy because the app is always in use. Need to reboot and delete it immediately before the auto start kicks in.

Ok, I read a little more and the guy with the white hair says in the forum to go the help and trouble shooting and reset all data which I did.

Now all data is deleted and I login with my new account. Mood gets better but only for a moment because whatever I try the app remains empty. I see the vault of the new account but no data at all. When I click on the extension icon in the browser nothing happens.

I still think a password manager is a good idea. But by now I also think that 1password is a horrible implementation. I mean, why do I even write all this to you and simply don't get out of here as quickly as possible? Simple answer: after some more reading I came to the conclusion that there is now way to download my saved logins neither through the Android app nor through the web app and the app on the Mac is still empty.

So my simple question at this point is: is there a way to backup my 70 logins before I quit?

Thank you and best regards,

1Password 7 - Version 7.2.5 (70205002)
_Extension Version:
_OS Version: Mac Mojave 10.14.2 (18C54)


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @MarkWu: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the difficulty you've been having. Certainly is isn't recommended to change the Master Password many times in succession (or at all, unless there is goo reason to), so it isn't something we design around. On the plus side, in order to change it, you would have to know the current Master Password; and then if you have a problem changing it, you'll still know that password. But we'll see if we can improve that in 1Password.com. Thanks for the feedback!

    It sounds like in order to answer your "simple question", we really need to first establish where those 70 login are currently. It isn't completely clear to me from your description where that is, but maybe your Android device, or your account on 1Password.com in your browser. Can you check that for me and let me know if you can access all your data there?


    Let me know and we'll go from there. :)

  • Hi brenty

    When opening 1password app on my Mac the next morning all my logins showed up. Be patient and never give up ;-)

    And I could export all my logins from the app.

    Thanks for your help

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @MarkWu - great! I'm not quite sure what happened, but I'm glad to see that 1Password is now functioning as it's supposed to. Keep an eye on things and let us know if you need further assistance. And definitely take the time to make sure you've got your Master Password committed to memory and/or written down, especially if it's one that's not memorable. :) :+1:

  • Hi Lars

    After I was able to download all my logins from 1password I imported them in another password manager which seems to work fine. None of the issues I had with 1password as described above.

    While my 1password experience was not so promising from a technical perspective I do appreciate the quality of the support in the forum here.

    Thank you!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @MarkWu - I'm glad you've got something that's working for you now. It's difficult for us to say what might have been wrong, since the issue appears to have resolved itself. Let us know if there's anything further we can do for you.

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