How to create new login using 1Password X in Chrome

I'm pretty sure that I used to be able to navigate to "create account' page of a website , then select "create new login" in 1Password to have it create a new login using my default username, an auto-generated password, and the URL of the website I'm on all prepopulated.

Now when I click on "new login" , it opens a new tab on the site, with a new login form, but all of the fields are blank.

Is there a way to get a more tightly integrated experience like the one I remember? Contextually, at least the URL and default username should be pre-populated, though an automatically generated password would also be nice.

Am I remembering previous version ( albeit, not 1Password X, the old browser plugin that depended on the mini-browser helper app ) wrong? Is there a way to get the current version of 1Password to work in the fashion that I described? It would really increase the convenience of the application.

1Password Version: 1Passwordx
Extension Version: 1.14.1
OS Version: 10.14.3
Sync Type: 1password web sync


  • Hey, Komrad!

    You're not crazy, I do remember that feature being available in the mini-browser app :D. Now, with 1Password X it's possible to do pretty much the same (it's just done differently)!

    First, when you're at a Create an account page and click the password field, you should see the Use the suggested password option. If you click it, a pop-up window should appear asking if you want to save the new log-in (it also gives you the option to change the name of the log-in, and the vault you want it to save it to). Clicking in Save should pre-populate the URL as well (and open the new tab on the site as you mentioned).

    As to filling a default username, I'd recommend you to create a new Identity, which is like creating a normal Login, but an Identity gives you some other options, like phone number, address, and on the Internet Details section, you can add a username as well, so every time you Sign up to a new website, you can fill some of the info that is required just as usual.

    Hope I could be of help, if you have any doubt, please let us know!

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Very well said @arturoaubry. Thanks for the assist here.

    @komrad Did the above help? Please let us know.


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