Editing Login in Chrome takes me to online account


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    @Howiedoit - I'm sorry for the trouble.

    Web based scares the Heck out of me and don't trust it as far as I can throw it. I want LOCAL CONTROL ONLY.

    If you're being taken to "an online account," then it sounds as if you've already created a 1password.com account. If you're dead-set against this, you may want to transfer your data out of that and back into a standalone setup.

    However, before you do, I'm wondering what your objections are? Have you had any problems with it since you set it up? You say "web based scares the heck out of me" and you don't trust it, but you don't really say why. You're not required to say why, obviously, but it seems strange that you'd set up a 1password.com account if you don't like and don't trust "web based." What's your concern? If all you want is instructions for moving your data back into a standalone setup, we can do that too -- though it will require the purchase of a standalone license. Let me know, I'd be happy to answer any questions. :)

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