I have been trying to get support through email but you keep sending me a canned email.

I installed release 7 on my windows pc and am now trying to put it on my iphone and ipad. The message i get is that it doesn't like either the password or the secret key. I have copied and paste it into the ipad from the email when I subscribed so I know it is correct.
I am not very happy right now cause I have been sending the support team emails since feb 25 when they assigned me a support instance, Re: [#MQR-46644-361] Question about 1Password

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    @knbbaker: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the difficulty. Unfortunately when you send multiple messages, the conversation just ends right back at the "newest" part of the inbox (much like your own email, I expect), and we'll then see that later since we're replying from the oldest first. Sending many messages in different places also slows down the support process for everyone, including you. SO it would be best to have a single conversation.

    To be clear, if you purchased a license for the standalone 1Password app, you will not have an account. You will only have one if you've signed up for a 1Password.com membership. That’s also the only way you’ll have a Secret Key or Sign In URL, or be able to access your data through 1Password.com. Otherwise, you can use 1Password without an account and sync your data from another device or create a new vault.

    But if you do have a 1Password membership subscription, you just need to sign into your account on each device to access the data in it. You will need to enter all of your account credentials correctly for that to work though, and since we don't ever have those you will need to do that yourself. I'll follow up with you via email though in case there are other details that might help. So I'll close this and we'll continue the conversation there. Thanks for your patience.

    ref: MQR-46644-361

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