Best way to use password generator and save new login during website registration?


I've been using 1Password on Windows and Android for a while now and love it, but I have one problem with using it on Android. I'm not sure if I'm missing some features, but saving a new login during website registration is very difficult and takes very many steps. Since the 1password prompt doesn't show during website registration (I have the accessibility service enabled), I have to open 1password, create new login, generate new password, copy password, return to chrome, paste in new password, finish registration, go back to 1password, type in my username and website URL manually, and then save.

I feel it would be a lot more streamlined if 1password could detect password fields during registration and present the password generator for copying passwords. Further, it would be great if it could work similarly to the windows version where it prompts you to save the login information to 1password after registration.

Any help would be appreciated!

1Password Version: 7.1.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android P
Sync Type: 1Password


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @kevdliu: Great question! The short version is that there isn't often an easy workflow for this currently, and it's something we're working to improve in the ways that we can.

    The long version is that there is a pretty cool way of doing this...but not a lot of apps support the APIs, and of course not everyone is running a recent version of Android in the first place. So while there are technically ways of doing what you have in mind, they are unfortunately not often available at this time. That will continue to improve though, and we'll keep working to streamline the process for 1Password users, like expanding on the inline autofill. Thanks for the feedback! :)

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