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  • OAWOAW Junior Member

    @ag_andrew Thanks for implementing the dedicated Favorites category. Now please stop sorting favorited items to the top of all the other categories and just keep things simple and sort each category alphabetically. Or perhaps provide a mechanism to turn this feature off. Please and thank you! ;)

  • johnclayjohnclay
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    Are the changes re favourites in beta-4 what you were talking about in terms of bringing back easy entry of favourites? Because that doesn't cut it - it's still a nuisance.

    The behaviour should be, or should have the option to be, that favourites (or really, just identities and credit card info) are always displayed below site-specific logins if the size of 1P mini allows for it.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Hi there @johnclay. No, this isn't its final form. We are working to bring identities and credit cards to the site-specific suggestions list when appropriate. Thanks for the feedback!

    @OAW We're discussing some changes to how we sort lists, but I'm not promising anything yet. Digging a little deeper into what you're looking for, why wouldn't you want favorites at the top of a category? You've marked them as "special", so shouldn't that put them within easy reach?

  • @MrRooni Awesome to hear it! Thanks for listening.

  • OAWOAW Junior Member
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    @MrRooni Because if I'm looking for my favorites then I have a Favorites category for that! In the full app we have all kinds of sorting options for each category and that's appropriate because there is a visual indicator that shows how the list is being sorted. But in the mini screen real estate is at a premium so there is no such visual indicator. How does a user (especially a new one) know that their favorites are being put at the top? The answer is they don't unless they figure it out on their own. At first glance it looks like the sort order is just broken! In my view it's more appropriate to keep it simple for the mini given the absence of such a visual indicator and just sort every category alphabetically. It's simply more intuitive and leaves no room for question or confusion about how the items are being sorted.

  • xz4gb8xz4gb8
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    @MrRooni To expand on the comment from @OAW. The seemingly random sort order of what is expected to be an alphanumeric-sorted list is jarring (cognitive dissonance). A user must "think" rather to react to the desired item. The list being displayed may not have any Favorite item within it making Favorites just irritating noise and wasted screen space in the Mini UI.

    Marking an item as a Favorite ("special" in your note) does not mean a user always needs to see Favorites. So seeing a Favorites list blocking the top of a desired list is not the least desirable. The Favorites category is carefully crafted by a user to support a specific set of frequent operations which may or may not include items from any other particular category. From that view, the Favorites list is orthogonal to any other category list and should not be mixed with display of any other category.

    As noted previously, including Favorites at the top of another category list is more difficult to scroll as should be obvious from the diminished size of the scroll bar.

  • @defiant try just starting to type the card name. It's much faster than even using the arrows.

  • @MrRooni I also would like to vote that after alphabetical sort by title (I have no personal preference as to whether Favorites are at the top), any items with the same name (eg "Google") would be sorted in alphabetical order by username. Items with the same title seem randomly sorted as of now.

  • jfelchnerjfelchner
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    @MrRooni I would also like to mention that keyboard shortcuts next to each category in the dropdown list would probably solve a lot of these issues. Something that will work in the search box.

    Edit: Those shortcuts need to be based on the text and not "1, 2, 3, 4". The numbers are impossible to remember. So for Favorites, something like Control-Alt-F, or Credit Cards would be Control-Alt-C, etc.

  • brentybrenty

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    try just starting to type the card name. It's much faster than even using the arrows.

    @jfelchner: I find that much more manageable too. I have too many items to scroll through, and they are not decreasing over time! :lol::+1:

    I also would like to vote that after alphabetical sort by title (I have no personal preference as to whether Favorites are at the top), any items with the same name (eg "Google") would be sorted in alphabetical order by username. Items with the same title seem randomly sorted as of now.

    Just to clarify for Rooni before he gets in, do the items in question maybe have different URLs that is resulting in this sorting?

    I'll defer to him on the rest. :)

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Thanks for feedback on the sort order of the lists. We're considering some changes. 🙂

    @jfelchner Thanks for the feedback, we have an issue filed to improve keyboard navigation around this menu.

    ref: apple-3334

  • Don't items that are favorite have a star on their icons, making it more apparent that they are favorites?

    Just to provide an alternate perspective, the only time I use the actual "Favorites" category is on the mobile apps (iPad and Android, but mostly Android) to easily access credit card details and the login for one site that 1Password often fails to fill in correctly. Otherwise, the point of favorites for me is exactly as @MrRooni suggested, special items that I want in easy reach for the autofill. The issue I have is there are a subset of sites I go to where opening the mini using the keyboard shortcut gives me 10 login options. Out of those, there is 1 login that I am going to select most of the time. Having it as the first option my marking it as a favorite is much quicker using this workflow that having it down in the middle of the list somewhere because then it's automatically highlighted and I can press enter to quickly fill it in.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    @andmade Thank you for that alternate viewpoint. I tend to agree with you, but given the split opinion here I'm leaning towards making it a preference. (Maybe…we're still discussing it internally).

  • @brenty Nope they're all named "Google" and they all have a URL of "https://accounts.google.com". However they are in different vaults, which may, but in my opinion should not, affect the sort order.

  • And to be completely honest if URL is higher on the list of sort order than username, I think that is also incorrect. I can't see the URL when I'm looking at the sidebar, but I can see the username, so if I'm trying to scan to find a specific login, sorting by URL doesn't help me but sorting my username does.

  • jfelchnerjfelchner
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    Sorry for the post spam but I also just noticed that if you expand the sidebar, you get to see the URL, that's cool. :) This doesn't negate my point above about wanting logins sorted by username, but just pointing out that I noticed it. ;)

    Most of my logins that are the same though have the same username and the same URLs (eg Amazon Web Services, Google, etc) versus ones that have the same usernames and different URLs (eg 1Password, Slack, etc).

    I think that for MOST people, showing the URL is the right call, but I'd love an option to show the vault name there instead.

  • Hi team,

    I noticed this point in the release notes for Beta 5:

    • Switching categories in 1Password mini is now even easier. {apple-issues#2817,apple-issues#2821,apple-issues#3240}

    How is it easier? It seems to be the same dropdown that it was before, but with different icons (as addressed in the release notes). I also still cannot navigate to it using the keyboard. Just asking for a little more detail on what was improved so I can try to give it more of a fair shot in case I am missing something!

  • Unfortunately, I have to agree. The "improvements" in beta 5 are a step backwards aesthetically, and don't address the functional issues with the new design.

  • OAWOAW Junior Member

    @andmade and @johnclay The AgileBits team can certainly speak for themselves or not ... but I suspect the Categories drop down is not going away. As a longtime 1PW user I frequent these forums and I'm fairly confident that the previous negative feedback about the new mini being "too big" vastly outnumbers the current negative feedback of those who would like to see the sidebar restored. Unless they implement it as yet another preference which they are generally reluctant to add to the app. But we shall see.

  • I definitely don't think it is coming back (sadly), just wish categories were easier to get too. Maybe that desire is incompatible. And the design is still in beta, I'm curious what the reception will be from the larger userbase. In any case, at least I still have the old design in 1Password X (for now 🙂).

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

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    @jfelchner, @andmade, @johnclay, @OAW We're looking into using a keyboard shortcut to open the category menu in mini. Keep an eye on the beta release notes so you'll know when it has landed.

    Keep the great feedback coming!

  • @ag_andrew

    That still doesn't solve the slow access to credit card and identity auto-fills. That content should be a single click upon (i.e. top-level) opening 1P mini.

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

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    Hi @johnclay that issue is being tracked separately; don't worry, we haven't lost sight of that goal. :+1:

  • OAWOAW Junior Member

    So in the Beta 10 the release notes say ....

    "When using the keyboard shortcut to show 1Password mini, it is now anchored to the menu bar by default."

    1. This is absolutely true when using the keyboard shortcut.
    2. However, when one clicks the 1PW icon in the Safari toolbar it does not. Doing it successfully it moves around. In the same general vicinity underneath the icon but sometimes a bit lower and other times a bit higher on the screen.
    3. The little "arrow" that extended from the top of the mini and points to the 1PW icon in the toolbar has come up missing in the latest beta. No bueno!!!
  • I am using 1Password for Mac version 7.3 Beta 11

    I am liking the new 1Password mini much more than the mini that previously shipped with 7.0. It is more in line with the mini from version 6.

    There is something that seems to have been overlooked with the new mini. The new mini does not take "notes" sections from items in to account when searching. When you search in the main 1Password app and in the old mini from version 7.2 it takes "notes" sections from items in to account.

    For example, I have my American Express card saved under cards. In the notes section of the card I have the word "amex". Using the mini I often search for "amex" to get to this card instead of typing the whole name. Same thing for my T-Mobile login, I have "tmobile" in then notes, so I just search for "tmobile" and the login for "T-Mobile" shows up. I sometimes use the notes section for alternative nicknames I guess you can call it. In the main app, the search takes the "notes" section into account and so did the older version of the mini app.

    Also, when searching, the mini doesn't take into account what is in the other sections of the vault item. To summarize the problem, the search in the new mini app isn't taking into account the content in all sections for the item.

    Hopefully you can add "section" searching back to the new mini so it takes into account what is included in the sections added to the vault item like the older mini did and not just the item title.

    Also I suggest a default option of adding a "nickname" or "alternative names" section to each vault item so that you can list other names associated with the item so that you can search for them without having to clutter up the notes section. Right now you can add your own sections and title them whatever you want, but having a default option for this would be nice. For now, I find it easiest to just add these nicknames to the notes section.

    Thanks for the continued improvements!

  • I downgraded back to 7.2 again and is the 7.3 mini even smaller than the 7.2 one? It pretty much looks the same size. The only time it actually looks smaller is when you go to edit an item. Otherwise, the sidebar is actually physically still there, it just defaults to website suggestions, which only contains logins. It would help if every website suggestion at least auto included identities/cards so that they showed up in the sidebar too, making it more in line with 7.2 functionality and ease of use.

  • tdubetdube Junior Member

    Looks like latest 7.3 beta 11 mini app doesn't not work well with barTender - I've had to move it out from hiding in order for cmd \ to work consistently and always show up. If it was hidden in barTender it would not consistently show up for some reason.

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

    Team Member

    @OAW Thanks for letting us know. We've made some changes to the way the mini popover works so part of what you're seeing comes down to that. We'll keep an eye on it. Other parts (like pointing to the button in Safari) come down to a limitation of the Safari API: we are not given the location of the button, and therefore need to guess where it is based on your cursor position.

    We really appreciate the feedback, please keep it coming as you see nails sticking out that need to be hammered down.

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

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    @MattSuda Thanks for your feedback regarding Search. Currently in mini we search Title, Username (for logins), and Domain. We keep the search space limited to these fields to to keep search as fast as possible. We want customers with 40,000 items to have the same great experience as those with 10 items. Having said that, we're always re-evaluating search performance and may expand the search to other fields in the future.

    Your suggestion of a nickname field is interesting but it's not something that is currently on our roadmap. For now I usually put keywords in the item title to aid in searching; it's more important (to me) to be able to find an item than to have minimally succinct titles on my items. So for example instead of "AppleID" my item might be called "AppleID iCloud iTunes" so that I can search for any of those terms and find my item.

    Thanks again and keep the feedback coming!

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

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    @andmade Thanks for the feedback; we're working hard to get credit card and identity suggestions into new mini. For the time being I'd encourage you to type a few keystrokes of your credit card or identity items whenever you need them; 1Password mini search should float them right to the top where they will be available for you to fill them.

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