Please Implement Steam TOTP.

To start with, yes I've read through the previous threads and I feel they were sort of put to the side. I feel comments such as; "Valve doesn't want you to use 3rd party apps, so we won't support it." are pretty dismissive and don't even consider other reasons why people might want this.

  1. I have multiple Steam accounts but only 1 phone. Valve don't allow you to have multiple accounts linked on 1 phone. Pretty annoying.
  2. It's not that hard to implement from my understanding. Plenty of other apps do it just find and they are all open-source. (Not that this is a reason to add it, but I'm saying if this many apps have implemented it there likely isn't that much of a barrier on implementing it.)
  3. I don't like having 5,000 apps on my phone that all do the same thing of generating some bullshit proprietary TOTP even though they all do the same thing.

Let me add one last comment, Valve doesn't care about it's customers, but to my knowledge, 1Password does. I'm not asking you to make up for Valve's incompetence, but I feel this sort of feature would benefit everyone who is a gamer. There is more chance of you adding this, than Valve even opening the ticket asking for normal TOTP to be added. So please add it...

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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @DeDefiance - thanks for the comments and suggestion. We do indeed care about our users! :) When it comes to stuff like this, however, we're hesitant to spend our own time working to create a hack-y way around the obvious express wishes of another developer. That's not dismissive, it's acknowledging the reality that if another developer is taking active measures to make sure their users do something (or don't do something) in regard to their own app, it's unwise for us to try to figure out ways to defeat that. I can pass along your comments, but I'll be up-front in saying that I doubt this is something we'll be doing.

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