Why is my 2 factor verification code is different between iOS and 1password.com?

I use 2 factor with reddit. When I copy/paste the ode into reddit from my browser , reddit says it's invalid. When I copy the same code from 1password on IOS and then paste it in my browser than it works. Any idea why the 2 factor codes are different b/t 1password.com vs iOS? P.S. this situation only applies to reddit. I use 2 factor with plenty of other services via 1password but I only have issues with reddit. Thanks in advance

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    Hi there @lamborghini600! :smile:

    The 2FA code on reddit is working fine for me. I've only seen this happen in cases where the computer clock was slightly off. Please try re-syncing your computer clock and see if that helps.

    Which OS and browser are you using? I can try to match your setup and see if it makes any difference.

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    @lamborghini600: The time that a TOTP code is accepted will vary from one service to another. Did you check the time/date/zone settings on each device? If they disagree with the server, the code will not work. Setting the time/date manually can help, if your device is being a bit lax of setting it correctly on its own. :)

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    No difficulties with that setup here. Please try following these instructions to sync your clock:

    How to set your time and time zone


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