I need help adding my company provided license to my account (no option to add it)

I signed up for a trial account and originally downloaded and started using 1Pass7. I started getting notices that my trial period was ending and needed to supply my credit card. My company/team has a license that I am supposed to add to the account to keep using it, but there was no option in 1Pass7 to add a license (only subscription option using a credit card). I found out from some forum articles that I should downgrade to 1Pass6 to get this option (and the license itself is valid for 1Pass6 but not 1Pass7). I did this and am now using 1Pass6 but the menu option to add a license is not there even though it is there for my coworkers. I suspect that something is leftover in my account from 1Pass7 that is preventing this option from showing up.

Net is that I need help adding the license to my account to keep using it. After struggling with this for several days this week I'm now at the 0 days left in my trial so I need help today. Thanks!

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OSX 10.14.3
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • This is what I see:

    This is what I am expecting to see (screenshot taken from a colleague's Mac)

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    Welcome to the forum, @jmaionchi! I'm sorry for the confusion. Did you perhaps download and install 1Password 6 for Mac from the Mac App Store? If so, that won't have an option to use a license, because - like all software installed from the Mac App Store - it's tied to your Apple ID, not any license key.

    Even if you installed 1Password from our website, if you're still signed into your 1password.com account in the app, it won't offer you the option to use a license because you don't need one -- a 1password.com account/membership includes access to all our apps. If you have data in the trial account that you need, you'll have to follow these steps to switch to a standalone setup. You'll then be able to apply the license from your employer. Hope that helps! :)

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