How to remove Chrome passwords that were imported into 1p

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I thought importing my chrome passwords was just going to put those in the 1p category called Passwords, but instead I see it flooded into my Logins category and now I have tons of duplicates. How can I remove all of those Chrome passwords that were imported. My vault is a mess now.

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  • well fortunately i kept my original stand alone vault. so i deleted all my cloud vault logins from the stand alone and then did the copy all items again from stand alone original vault back to the cloud vault.

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    Hi @ckp!

    Thank you for letting us know you managed to get this sorted already! For future reference, we also have a duplicate removal tool in 1Password, in case this happens again (on a Mac, you can find it under the Help menu > Tools > Clean Up Duplicate Items).

    I hope this helps!

  • a duplicate removal tool would not have helped. it imported hundreds of things from Chrome and with horrible names which made it a complete mess. thanks

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    Ah so these were not real duplicates then :) Thank you for the confirmation! I agree, in this case that tool would not have helped you then.

    There was probably yet another possible solution however: depending on how you import data into 1Password, a new tag should be created with the date of the import. If this happened for you, you could have selected the tag, and then selected all items inside it to remove all of them at the same time.

    Hopefully you won't have to import data again, but in case you do, I hope this will be helpful in the future!

  • some were duplicates for sure but hundreds were not. i guess the date tag wouldnt have helped either since it was the same date that i imported all my real data from stand alone 1p, but that's good to know, although i don't see any date tags in my 1p web login.

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    @ckp If you deleted the items already, I think the auto-generated tag would disappear too, so maybe that's why :)

  • ah yeah, that could be. i assumed since my imported vault items from stand alone did not have a date tag, then those wouldn't either. ok, good to know.

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    Just to clarify, a tag is just metadata in an item, so if the item is deleted, and no others have that same tag, the tag will no longer appear either. It's just a shortcut to quickly view items with that specific tag. Cheers!

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