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having 2FA for 1Password is great. But sometimes a little bit inconvenient, I have to get my phone out, unlock it, open an authenticator app, find the OTP and then type it in. Is there a more convenient way to do 2FA for 1Password, maybe OTP via SMS option? Or Push Authentication where I can Approve/Deny from my lockscreen?

I know it would be less secure, but wondering if there is an option.

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  • Push is (already/only) possible with 1Password for Teams:

    SMS is not safe, so unlikely that Agilebits will offer that.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Seraphis

    As @XIII mentioned it is possible to do the push approve/deny with Duo on 1Password Teams accounts. If you're currently using an individual membership the move to teams for this convenience wouldn't cause a huge increase in the rate for 1Password, but if you're using 1Password Families it would likely not be worth the added expense.

    I'd love to see us be able to offer Duo to more customers. I believe we'd have to increase the cost of memberships in order to do that for what is of little benefit to many, and no benefit to most. Most people don't use 2FA with 1Password at all, and the benefit of doing so is slim and debatable. As such I don't see that being feasible.


  • LastPass includes Push OTP for free and Duo is free too.

    I have just set up a "family" account to try 1Password as a replacement to LastPass and within the few hours I've been trying it, I'm already sick of entering my 28 character master password every few minutes. I came here searching for a way to enable Push OTP and after reading this, I won't be moving to 1Password. Push OTP is a requirement.

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    Thank you for the feedback @woter324! :)

    Sorry to hear this and thank you for giving 1Password a try.

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    @woter324: Duo is not free for us to use. They're a business and need to make money too. So we include that cost in 1Password Business memberships, which is why the feature is available there. :+1:

    Unrelated to two-factor authentication, your Master Password is required to decrypt the data locally on your device -- there's no authentication involved in that. Depending on your device and settings, there are a number of ways to minimize how often you need to type the Master Password:

    • Lock options (1Password Preferences/Settings > Security)
    • Biometrics (Windows Hello, Touch ID, Face ID, Nexus Imprint)

    It sounds like maybe you've already made up your mind, but I wanted to mention it in case it helps you or anyone else. Cheers! :)

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