General Buggyness of 1Password 7

Hi Team.

I have to start off by saying I am very disappointed at how this app developed. I recommended you guys to friends and family, and I can no longer do that.

Seizing development of 1Password 4 for Windows would be ok, if an upgrade option would be feasible. If I remember correctly my initial 1Password purchase was around 40 - 50 EUR to set my self up with you guys. After more and more bugs in 1Password 4, I finally wanted to look at 1Password 7 and you force me into a cloud model. I don't want passwords in the clouds, I want passwords under my full control. You had this figured out, but apparently there wasn't enough revenue being generated by buying an application once.

So now I tried it out and my first experience was horrible. You have a beautiful, **but often not functioning product. ** You also do not support IE11, which means I cannot use you at my work computer. (I know old technology, but a compatibility function could have been included. After all its not my fault that my company doesn't let me install a modern browser).

It seems like this may have been fixed, at least after unfreezing my account today, I was still able to write emails, but still I want to explain:
Upon installing 1Password, I was unable to send any Emails on my MAC using the web browser client for I sign all my emails, and that it appears as if 1Password manipulated something in that signing window, because mailbox kept saying my signing key was wrong. So that was Email down, and even after disabling the browser extension for chrome and safari, no joy.
I am guessing you have fixed this now, by deactivating 1password on initial website load, because now i get this:
2)Reload every webpage(?!)

This is not user friendly. A problem that was not a problem in 1Password 4 is now a problem, and I am paying for this now.... Can you help me, please, to not have to reload every page, if want to use 1Password and at the same time, don't break websites like in described in issue 1.
3) Cannot save passwords
So I needed to write a forum post in order to get some help, and therefore I needed to create a new account. Let's use 1Password to create a unique password, core functionality.
Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:
Ok, so my old way of doing it in the extension isn't working but there is a new and theoretically great way of doing this (although confusing at least for me, as this could be Safari or Chrome's password manager @ work as well)

So I used an insecure, self created password for this account now.

1Password Team, I am sure you are trying your best, but this is not going well. I'd appreciate if I could get some help regarding my problems. Preferably, I'd like to know if non cloud based versions are still available and if my specific problems can be remediated.

1Password Version: 7.2.5
Extension Version: 1.14.2
OS Version: Mac OS 10.14.3
Sync Type: none


  • brentybrenty

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    @maul0r: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the difficulty, and for the confusion here. Happy to work though all of this with you:

    1. We do not "force me into a cloud model"; if you'd setup the app with your existing local vault, you'd have the option to purchase a license. More info in the announcements: 1Password for Mac version 7, 1Password for Windows version 7.
    2. Microsoft discontinued Internet Explorer years ago, so I don't think it makes sense for us to spend development resources building support for that into the new app. You're (rightly) saying that we still have work to do on it, but if we did what you seem to be suggesting it would have many fewer features/improvements than it does today. You can't have it both ways.
    3. I'm not sure about "", but if you'll let me know the specifics of what you're trying to do, the trouble you're running into, and how 1Password is involved, I'll be happy to investigate.
    4. The error/reload message in your first screenshot is from the browser. We don't control that. I'm not sure what would cause that either, as I've neither experienced that myself nor heard from other users about this. If you can tell me the browser version and exact steps you're taking, I can try to reproduce it. But again, if it's the browser itself, it won't be something we can fix for you.
    5. Regarding saving the generated password, if you can reproduce the same issue, I'd love to get some logs from you: Save a console log for the 1Password extension. Typically we see what you're reporting when there is some connection issue, and no matter what if there's something we can do to work around it that would help you and probably others. Please send it to [email protected] so we can take a look.
    6. That said, you're not using the 1Password for Windows desktop app/extension in your browser, but 1Password X. It sounds like you might prefer something more similar to what you're used to: Use the 1Password extension to save and fill passwords on your Mac or Windows PC. That works in conjunction with the Windows (or Mac) app.
    7. I definitely recommend disabling browser autofill features, not just because it can cause confusion and hassle, but to avoid getting sensitive info squirted into webpages without your say-so. You may have already done that, but it never hurts to double check.

    Anyway, I think that's a good start, but I'm looking forward to hearing back from you with any clarifications, or additional concerns you have. Glad to help in any way I can. :)

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