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  • Hi there,

    Not sure if this should have been an entirely new thread, but it is about the new mini window at any rate.
    A major issue I am experiencing is navigation of items in the mini window with VoiceOver.

    First, navigating different items, whether suggestions or results of a search, just using the arrow keys alone does not work. In order to move between items, it is necessary to interact with the list, and use Control+Option+arrows to move. This is different from the behavior when navigating a list in the 1Password app.

    The bigger issue in mini is that when moving between items with VoiceOver, it doesn't actually change the selected item in the window.
    So if I had three different credit cards I could choose from, let's say card A, B, and C, and card A was first in the list. When I move to card C with VoiceOver and press return to fill, it will fill in card A instead; card A is also still shown in the item detail pane. This indicates to me that within the mini window, item selection is not moving with VoiceOver.
    This isn't expected behavior, and is not how navigation works in the 1Password app itself. In the app, if I have an item selected with VoiceOver, that is the focused item, and any actions performed on that item apply to the selected item, such as copying a password with Shift+Command+C.
    This issue with mini has caused me to fill in the wrong login info several times before discovering this problem.
    There is a workaround for VoiceOver users, which allows mini to still be useful when dealing with multiple items.
    Going back to my example of cards A, B, and C, I would navigate to card C in the list. Then I would move my mouse cursor to the location of VoiceOver focus, Control+Option+Command+F5, then press Control+Option+Shift+space for mouse click action. If as a VoiceOver user, your settings are configured so that the mouse tracks VoiceOver, then skip to the mouse click action. Then you can act on the chosen item as desired, press return to fill, or view the item details, etc.

    Overall, I like the new mini interface compared to the original release version of 1Password 7, especially being able to now press return once an item is selected to fill. And barring the selection issue, it's fewer steps to get where I want in the interface.

    Finally, I am not sure my written explanation is all that great, so I am emailing a video demonstrating the issue.

    Software versions:
    1Password 7
    Version 7.3.BETA-4 (70300004)
    AgileBits Beta
    macOS Mojave: 10.14.3

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    Hey there @Damashe, nice to hear from you again! As always your VoiceOver suggestions are spot-on. I'm going to make sure your post gets into our issue tracker so we can work on making this better.

    I'll also take a look for your video. Thanks again!

  • @MrRooni yeah long time no chat😃

    I emailed you the link to the video, just in case it hadn't made it over to you yet.
    In some further usage, I have encountered a similar issue switching between the items and the password generator.
    In the mini window, in order to switch from all items or suggested items to the generator, it is also necessary to move the mouse cursor and click.
    Expected behavior here would be that using VO space (control+Option+space) in my case would activate the desired mode. Once switching to the generator window, everything appears to be functioning as expected with VoiceOver.
    As we have experienced before, there may be an Apple issue, so if this turns out to be the case, ping me with the radar number so I can follow up with the accessibility team also.
    Otherwise, still loving the new Mini window👍🏾

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    Hi Damashe,

    Just an update, we have created issues in our tracking database to make sure these get addressed. Thanks for taking the time to report them all.


    ref: apple-3515

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