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I am a new user - I downloaded the Chrome & Firefox extensions but cannot see how these work. I go to a site and when I enter my log in details the 1Password box pops up but is Read Only in both browsers. At some point I think I also clicked on 'Windows' as I thought this might be what I needed but not sure if this has caused a problem. I am not a technical person so have no idea what to do next other than uninstalling. Please advise.

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Extension Version: 7.3.657
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  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Have you actually paid for 1PW? You don't say. Remember that, unless you have a subscription, 1PW7 is a paid upgrade. Even if you have subscribed, I have known cases where the user has applied the payment to the wrong subscription.

    It does help the AgileBits staff, and users like myself who want to aid others, if you give more details. What version of 1PW are you using, what OS, etc.

    Bottom line is that 1PW will be read-only if you have not paid.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @demalpj! Welcome to the forum!

    Danco is absolutely right (thank you for the assist!): in order to activate all features in 1Password 7, you need to either have a 1Password Membership, or a license for 1Password 7, which you need to apply to the app.

    Alternatively, if you have a 1Password Membership, all you need to do is add your 1Password account to the app to activate it so it's not read-only anymore :)

    I hope this helps!

  • Hi - thank you both for your messages. I am on the 30 day free trial ( the family membership ) so no I haven't yet paid but I don't see how to make use of the trial at all - I have entered credit card details for when the trial completes. Just working on desktop at the moment. I'm afraid I don't know what 1Password7 even means! I can log in and it tells me that I am on the Family Plan with an active 30 day trial.
    I've already followed the link above ( thank you) and I've added the extensions to Chrome and Firefox browsers. I'm afraid I don't know what other informtion to give you that might help .
    I am using Windows 10 but I can't see how to even find what version of 1PW I am using - but I downloaded it today ( 31/3/19)
    Can you help me any further please - I just don't know what I haven't yet done?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @demalpj,

    Thank you for the additional information! If you are currently using the free trial, then the app should definitely not show you the read-only warning. Just to confirm: have you already added your 1Password account to the 1Password app as I mentioned in my previous comment?

    That's all that is needed to make the warning go away and activate the app. If you created your 1Password Membership account in a browser, but you haven't added it to the 1Password app on your computer, this would explain why you are seeing this.

  • Hi @demalpj,

    Hopefully you will find there is an About 1Password entry in the Help menu of 1Password and there you can see what version it reports. That's definitely true of 1Password 7 and I'm thinking they fairly standard menu options.

    The 30 day trial starts automatically so there's nothing you explicitly need to do there and that holds true even if you don't supply credit card details (I do prefer a free trial to be free without the default being forced to remember to cancel).

    When following the guide [email protected] linked you to did everything proceed as the steps suggested or did you find that something wasn't as expected?

    One other thing we can try as we troubleshoot whatever is happening is to see if things work with the 1Password X extension. As it connects directly to our server and bypasses the native 1Password application it's an easy sanity check to make sure everything about the 1Password account is okay. Some people prefer the 1Password X extension anyway but of course we'll help get the application working as well.

  • I have a new 1Password family account. In adding my husband to this family account, his Windows X (on a new Surface) seems to work fine. He has a Private vault and can see the family Shared vault --and he logs on with his own account within the family account. When I look at him as a Person in the account, it says he is "Active".

    We downloaded the 1Password Edge extension from Microsoft and installed it on his Surface; however, this extension doesn't work as we expected. When he logs onto a webpage, a small window comes up that says his vault is "read-only", so the window doesn't allow him to save the webpage logon and password. What's going on?

  • YaronYaron

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    Hey @bgryder47
    It might be a better idea to open a new discussion next time instead of replying to an old one :)

    When you see the "read-only" message it means that the 1Password 7 desktop app is not activated with an account or a license. You might need to add his account to the app:

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