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I'm a new user and didn't find an answer in the forum nor in the knowledgebase.
Is there an option to determine default custom fields that will appear in every "login entry" saved?
For example, I want to save account member ID, account creation date (when I originally joined a service, not when I saved it in 1Password), etc., and I want these fields to be suggested for me to fill in every entry, without manually defining each of them in every entry. I don't need these fields to be populated automatically in any form, just for the sake of documentation.
I'm aware of secure notes, but I want these to appear as fields inside the "login" entries and not as separate entries.

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1Password Version: 7.2.5
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OS Version: 10.14.4
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    Welcome to the forum, @varu23! At present, you can modify any individual 1Password item to suit you, however you can't change the template itself; when you create a new item in any category, it will initially have the default fields for that category. That means you'll need to individually make changes you want to see on an item-by-item basis.

    We are in the process of working towards allowing users to create custom categories, where you'd be able to create entirely new types of templates that you can define (nearly) all parts of. This is only available in 1Password Business accounts currently, and only with the beta features turned on, because it's still not quite ready for a stable release just yet. But I expect once the finishing touches are put on, you'll see this in other account types as well. Thanks for the question! :)

  • OK, thanks for the quick and clear response!
    I'm looking forward for this ability - it'll be a major UX improvement... :)

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  • Any way to opt in to beta features as a Family user? I adopted it for family use when it was still a Team's only product and am happy to kick the tires on things!

    My major use case is the following:

    a) add a TOTP field by default to the standard login template, because everybody should use TOTP when available

    b) to create a new SSH key template, because the majority of the files stored are SSH keys, and those would be much easier to manage as a regular object with text for both public and private keys, as opposed to files.

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    Hi @spectralblu!

    Beta features are only available in Business accounts, sorry!

  • Hi,

    Any update on this feature making it to general release yet?

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    Hi @JE1Psf,

    No news to share at this time.


  • I want to add an "expression of interest" vote regarding creation and modification of item templates. I am keeping more and more information in my 1Password vaults because it is a very useful tool. Among other things, it is secure, well integrated with multiple applications and OS's, cloud based, family-aware, and easily searchable. These are all good things!

    The effect of wider use is that there is now a 1Password file system type: the vaults are effectively file volumes, the stored items are files in those volumes, and the categories are file types, with 1Password as the file system manager.

    Right now, the 1Password categories (file types) are all pre-defined with fairly rigid structural rules. This works reasonably well when the information needed about every item in a particular category is almost identical from item to item. Examples are (simple) web logins and credit cards. My early use of 1Password focused on these categories and everything was swell.

    However, life gets complicated, and now, among other things, I am storing info about each node in my LAN in a 1Password vault. Logins, servers, and wireless routers are all relevant categories, but the templates could use some editing in order to better fit how I use them.

    For example, why "wireless routers"? On my LAN, I have a wired router, several wired switches, several wireless access points with attached switches, and numerous small attached servers. I can smush most of these items into the existing categories more or less easily, but I'd sure like to be able to modify the templates to be more like the way I use them.

    I do realize that essentially I'm asking to be able to define arbitrary file formats and then manage instances of them using 1Password as editor and file system manager. Complete flexibility eventually leads to complete chaos and incompatibility, so I'm very understanding of why you might want to move carefully with this! But I did want to provide you with another example of a use case.

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    Hi @finson!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Your specific scenario is also very useful :+1:

    I wonder if using Secure Notes would help you a little bit. It would not offer the same experience as using the other categories, but it would allow you to be as flexible as you need in structuring information the way it works best for your environment. Just a thought :)

  • I've only really started exploring 1Password for things other than just...passwords. The network / HW "category" of items would be quite useful to me as well. Everything now has a MAC address, login, configuration, etc. it's hard to track all of it! Maybe the community could design some categories in an open-source fashion and 1Password team could evaluate as a new category, One size might not fit all, but might fit many!

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    Thank you for the feedback @hbottjer. In the meantime, I hope custom fields will help you a little :)

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