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I am a relatively new user. I have 1password on my mac and just purchased for my IOS devices. I also use PC's at work and home and am considering getting it for those as well.

One issue I am going to have, however, is that my job considers dropbox a security risk (fear of corp espionage), and have it and sites like it blocked in the firewall, so I will not be able to sync my 1password settings with work computer that way.

Without resorting to sneakernet, what other syncing options do I have for this computer? Is 1Password Anywhere an option? (I always see this mentioned with dropbox, is the dropbox portion required for this to work, or can the 1password.html stand alone?)




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    Welcome to the forums, cycloptic! Sorry to hear that your workplace blocks Dropbox.

    You can certainly use 1PasswordAnywhere without Dropbox. You just need full access to your data file (or a copy of it).

    Details are in the User Guide:

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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    May I know the problem with the blocked Dropbox. But with an SSH tunnel, you can simply bypass the problem. Everything you need is a small Server (a 5$-vServer is enough), MyEnTunnel and the Dropbox client. Start MyEnTunnel, enable dynamic SOCKS (Screenshot), connect to the Server and set the proxy to localhost:7070 in the Dropbox settings (Screenshot).
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    Thanks for sharing that, Flokass! It may be a bit "advanced" for some folks, but I'm sure it will help plenty of people. :)

    Much appreciated. Enjoy your weekend.
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