Sidebar loses highlight when searching/filtering

In 1Password 7 main, after searching, the sidebar loses the "light" (not red) highlight that lets you know what category you're in. When initially clicking in the search box it's there, but once you start typing it goes away.

1Password Version: 7.3.BETA-6
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  • chadseldchadseld 1Password Developer

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    This has been this way for a long time. Search does not search within a category, it's vault-wide. (and app-wide if All Vaults is selected as the vault).

    The category selection should return after clearing the search term.

  • andmadeandmade
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    @chadseld That's not true, at least on the version I was on at posting. It was definitely only searching within that category/section that I was in because it wasn't showing me the item I was looking for. It was only after I left that category that the item showed up. This is the case in the Windows version as well (just tried), except the Windows version doesn't lose the highlight.

  • brentybrenty

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    @andmade: Can you clarify? You're right that 1Password for Windows does (currently) search within the category selected in the side bar (and thus the selection is still reflected). But that isn't the case for 1Password for Mac: searching includes everything and thus a category is not highlighted; for example, when I'm viewing Logins, if I start searching for "test", there is no category selected, because the search includes Logins as well as Documents and anything else containing that term. This isn't something that's changed in the Mac app, and it's likely something that will on Windows.

    I'm sorry for any confusion cause by these differences, but this isn't a bug with the Mac beta, or in the stable version going back a long way; it's intentional. I can certainly appreciate that sometimes it may be desirable to search a specific category, but that's possible in 1Password for Mac using the search options -- which the new Windows app does not have yet, hence the difference. And in most cases people expect to get full search results, not something limited, whether they're in 1Password mini or the main app, so the way this is designed helps with that. It's certainly something we'll continue to evaluate though. :)

    ref: opw/opw#3883

  • @brenty

    I definitely agree that's the desired behavior, it just wasn't what I was experiencing! I reinstalled the 7.3 beta and it seems to working as you described now on v12, so maybe it was just an issue with v6 or my app was behaving strangely for some reason. Honest, it was so bizarre to me that the login wasn't showing up until I clicked off the category (because there was no highlight indicating it was only showing items form one section) that before I made this topic, I pulled out my Windows laptop and compared them side by side. It's not often that I am in a specific category (at the time, I was going through the compromised logins/reused passwords section to clean things up). So, I didn't realize the behavior I was experiencing wasn't the norm for macOS and thought the error was simply the lack of highlight because it was the only difference in search I was seeing between the two.

  • brentybrenty

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    Gotcha. Sorry for the trouble there. Glad to hear that reinstalling seemed to clear that up for you. Thank you for bringing it up! It's a good reminder that we still have work to do as far as consistency. :)

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