Does 1Password for iOS auto prompt to save new logins?

For example: I'm logging into a website/app and the login info isn't in 1Password vault yet. So, I manually type login and password. Will 1Password iOS app auto prompt me to save that login information in the password vault?

I'm currently using LastPass iOS app and the situation described above requires me to manually add the login information in the password vault.

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  • Hey, @davidcmc.

    I'm not a 1Password team member and unfortunately, I don't have an iOS device, but I almost sure you definitely can do that. Go ahead and check out this article and tell us if this is what you are looking for:

    Hopefully it is so you can give 1Password a try! Have an excellent weekend :)

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @davidcmc! Welcome to the forum!

    You can certainly use AutoFill to save your logins too :) The link that @arturoaubry shared is the correct one (thank you for the assist!), and this is the section from the article that tells you how to save a new Login item:

    To save a Login, tap , then tap Create Login. Enter your username and password, or tap Generate New Password to automatically create a strong password. If a website has specific password requirements, tap Show Password Recipe and adjust length, digits, and symbols. When you’re done, tap Save & Fill.

    I hope this helps!

  • I appreciate the answers, but I think you guys did not understand the scenario I've narrated.

    The pointed instructions refer to a manual login credential insertion in 1Password vault.

    When you use iCloud Keychain and log into a website, iOS automatically asks if you want to save those credentials in the Keychain. There's no need to manually open Keychain and add the new login information.

    LastPass, for example, doesn't ask if I want to save the new login info, I have to open the app (through the app icon or the extension) and manually insert site, login and password.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I see. At this point I don't believe it is possible for 3rd party password managers such as ourselves or LastPass to prompt you in that way. Hopefully that'll become available to us in future iterations of the Password AutoFill feature set. :)


  • Thank you, Ben!

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You're very welcome. :)


  • edited September 2019

    Is there a place we can vote on this feature? @Ben

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    edited September 2019

    Hi @willsearchspring

    There are a couple of answers for that:

    1. We don't have a public issue tracker
    2. We don't make decisions on which direction we're taking 1Password / which features get implemented / which bugs get fixed based on any sort of voting, though the volume of customer feedback we receive does certainly play an important role
      Having a straight up voting system would likely give the wrong impression
    3. This isn't something that would currently be possible for us to implement
      There isn't any way for 1Password to know when a customer is submitting a login form in Safari on iOS

    Sorry; I wish there were a better answer. Hopefully in the future as Apple's Password AutoFill feature continues to evolve they'll offer the ability to do something like this. If it were possible, it would definitely be something we'd consider doing.


  • Great response, thanks @Ben
    Now that Apple is a customer I'm sure you can convince them it's a good idea. :)

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    You're very welcome @willsearchspring. :)


  • Hi,

    I am an iOS developer. Our native iOS app features both sign up and login forms.

    The login form's password field is (as per Apple docs) decorated like this:

    let passwordField = UITextField()
    passwordField.textContentType = .password

    The signup form's password field is decorated like this:

    let passwordField = UITextField()
    passwordField.textContentType = .newPassword

    As a result, on the login form, our users get the distinctive "Key" icon above their keyboard, and they are able to autocomplete the form with any password pre-saved to 1password.

    On the other hand, on the sign-up form, this symbol doesn't show. The only way for user to create a new password is to open 1password app separately, and copy/paste new pass over.

    We can work around this behavior by decorating both fields with .password, however that breaks the "suggest password" functionality for users that don't use 1password but rely on Apple Keychain.

    Is this a bug/missing functionality on Apple's side, or is this something you could improve if you decided to?

    As an app developer, I'd definitely appreciate this being solved, as it makes our 1password users feel like there's something wrong with our app.

  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi @matbal ,

    Though you didn't mention it, I'm going to assume your password fields have the isSecureTextEntry trait set on them. I don't think that'll matter with regard to your issue, but if you haven't set that trait, please do.

    But I don't believe there is anything that can be done there. 1Password supplies item information to iOS' AutoFill system which autofill uses to fetch the password. 1Password doesn't really have any interaction with your code or interface at all. I don't know what could be done here, even by apple. If you are on a change password view, you don't want users to be able to fill on newPassword fields. And iOS does not give 1Password the opportunity to suggest passwords on newPassword fields either.

    I'll keep an eye on this and see if anything changes after WWDC, but right now, I'm not sure there is a solution to this problem.


  • Hi @ag_kevin

    Thanks for such a quick reply. We did a test with isSecureTextEntry set to true. It didn't make any difference, but we have it disabled right now because we don't have a password confirmation field.

    I don't know what could be done here, even by apple.

    I understand now that this is something that AuthenticationServices doesn't expose as functionality, so you can't add support. But of course Apple could allow 3rd party password managers to offer "password suggest" option for .newPassword fields, just like their Keychain can.

    Fingers crossed that the WWDC announces some updates for that.

    If they don't this year, I might just consider implementing your extension the old school style.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    If they don't this year, I might just consider implementing your extension the old school style.

    That would certainly be an option as well. :) For anyone reading not familiar with that, information is available here:

    GitHub - agilebits/onepassword-app-extension: 1Password Extension for iOS Apps


  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi matbal ,

    Yes, we would absolutely love it if we could have password generation functionality. We'll know in a little over a month, I guess.


  • brentybrenty

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    Also, in case it helps, Apple has extensive documentation for Password Autofill:

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