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Why is "Trash" resp. "Papierkorb" not shown in the Categories menu?


1Password Version: 7.3.BETA-11


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Because Trash isn't a category. Is there a specific reason you're trying to view the Trash in your browser? :)

  • Hello @Brenty,
    As there is no confirmation necessary to put an item to the Trash - it could happen by mistake. Then it is a simple way to restore it without opening the app.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @AustriaXL: Sorry for missing your reply! No, you'd need to open the app to view the Trash. I don't believe we've had requests from anyone else to be able to fill login credentials, etc. from deleted items, so I'd be curious to know your use case. Do you maybe just need to create another vault to save some things you don't use often?

    The only way you wouldn't need to confirm moving at item to the Trash is by holding ⌘ when you press Delete in the main 1Password app window, so it isn't something that we hear people often doing by mistake. And if you're talking about from 1Password mini, there are a few steps required to delete anything there.

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