Move all items from one tag to another?

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With the recent update removing folders from 1Password and replacing them with tags, I have run into a bit of an inconvenience:

I used the / character in some of my folder names. When the update happened, it instead took those and created nested tags.
Ex: ‘Personal Website/App Passwords’ folder became a tag structure as ‘Personal Website’ / ‘App Passwords’

So now I have an unnecessary ‘App Passwords’ tag that’s just an extra tap to get to the actual passwords. It’s not the end of the world, but a little annoying since I just renamed the ‘Personal Website’ tag back to ‘Personal Website+App Passwords’.

Is there any way to take the contents of that ‘App Passwords’ tag and move them to the parent tag, in a way that doesn’t involve going to all 50+ passwords individually and fixing the tags one by one?


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    Thanks for taking the time to write in. I believe you should find that all of these items are tagged with Personal Website+App Passwords. If that is true, would deleting the App Passwords tag solve the issue? You can delete that tag by opening 1Password > Tags > locate App Passwords and swipe from right to left on it. Then tap "remove from items:"


  • Hopefully this image comes up properly (first time using the 1Password forums). The image shows the tag for one of my passwords as ‘Personal Website+App Passwords/App Passwords’. The sub tag ‘App Passwords’ is not needed, so I would like to move its contents to the ‘Personal Website+App Passwords’ tag.

    I created a test tag setup where I had ‘Test’ and then ‘Test2’ under it (Test/Test2). I then put a different password under each tag. If I removed the ‘Test2’ tag, the password under it would not migrate to the ‘Test’ tag, but would rather become completely untagged.

    So is there currently any way to remove a tag that is under another tag, but keep its contents inside of that main tag? Or move/copy the contents of a tag, per my original post. Just any way to get all of those passwords under the main tag so I can get rid of the unnecessary sub tag. I know I can manually edit the tags for each individual password, but for 50+ passwords per what used to be folder... I would rather not.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I see. Unfortunately there is no way to tag items in bulk on iOS. Do you have access to 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows?


  • Unfortunately I do not have 1Password on any other platform. I will just have to live with the extra sub tags for now.

    Being able to bulk tag items would be super helpful for the iOS version. Preferably by being able to select groups of items already under a tag or by manually scrolling through a list of items and selecting them. Either option is better than manually retagging everything via typing out the full tag each time. I say iOS specifically because I do not know if a similar feature is available on the other platforms, as would be implied by your asking if I had access to either of them :smile:

    Thank you for the info though, I do appreciate it.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @AMTag - you're quite welcome. It's something we'd like to see as well, but doesn't exist yet, as most people use 1Password on at least one desktop platform where such operations are considerably easier. Something to continue to consider for the future, however!

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