confused about purchase and upgrade options

eveningcloudseveningclouds Junior Member

I know you've tried to explain all this on the home page etc but I'm still baffled. I have 1Password 6 and figure it's time to upgrade.

1P7 is the latest, right?
And all I have to do is download it, and it will automatically convert the 1P6 data (without losing it, just in case)?
And from there I create an actual account and make arrangements for payment?
And then I download 1P7 on another Mac, and do I have to login there in order to make the passwords etc available to it?
What about the iPhone, where I've got the app installed. Will it pick up all the data, or is there some new IP7 compatible app that I need to grab?
Is there some upgrade price or do I just pay the 'regular' amount?
What is the difference between membership and standalone? The membership offers continuing upgrades, but standalone does not in case of a major new release. I don't see any pricing info for 'standalone', so is it only available in the Apple store?

My main concern is not losing data from the switch from 6 to 7 and making sure that all data are in sync. Currently sync is via Dropbox, but if I have a membership that is no longer necessary?

Please advise so i can move forward. I've looked for a clear faq but am just not able to find this info all in one place.


1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.14.4
Sync Type: dropbox


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @eveningclouds: Thanks for getting in touch! 1Password for Mac version 7 is current, yes; and you can purchase a license just for that particular version, or get it along with all of the other apps and updates as part of a 1Password membership. :)

    Either way, you can use your existing data, but the details of how you'd go about syncing it to your other devices will depend on which route you go. With a 1Password membership, all of that is handled by your account: you simply sign in on each device to access your data. Otherwise, with a licensee for the standalone app, you'd need to configure sync yourself for each device.

    You can find pricing in the announcements detailing what's new:

    1Password 7 for Mac: The Best Ever

    And if you have any questions at all, just let us know. :)

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    The App Store version is subscription only. If you want a licence you need to download from AgileBits and then buy within the program. They don't advertise pricing because they feel strongly that the subscription is better and easier for most people (and I agree with them). Normal price for a licence is $65 but I think this is still discounted to $50 (plus any applicable local taxes).

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Yep; just to clarify the prices danco mentioned are in USD and don't include any tax / VAT.


  • eveningcloudseveningclouds Junior Member
    edited April 2019

    Thanks all for your help. Is there a difference in buying the subscription at AgileBits vs at the App store?

    And I'm still not clear. do I just download 7 and install it, and then have to register as a new user?

    (I'm interested in the subscription model.)

  • One factor is : Apple gets 30 %. That was my decision factor.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @J_O_D - it's a not-inconsequential point. Truth be told, we're also a lot better-able to handle things like subscription level changes (from individual account to 1Password Families, for example), or provide refunds, alterations, etc in the uncommon cases they're necessary, when it's via our own payment processor - Stripe - than when a subscription is purchased via the Mac App Store. However, we're quite aware of the advantages of having all your subscription "eggs" in a single basket, via an already-established payment method, etc. So whatever people prefer to do is fine with us.

    @eveningclouds - if you're a current user of standalone data in 1Password 6 for Mac, all you really need to do is download it from our downloads page. From there, on your "main" Mac (if you have more than one), the process of installing should a) remove and zip up (instead of deleting) version 6, import your data from version 6, present you with a lock screen just like you're already familiar with. Entering your Master Password for the first time in this new version 7 will show you your data, then overlaid on top of that, you'll see the Purchase Options window, like this:

    Since you're interested in the 1Password membership (subscription) model, choose the large green button that says "subscribe today!" You'll be walked through the process of creating a new subscription, right within the app itself. You'll enter your email address you want associated with your account, and you'll be sent a six-digit confirmation code there. Copy it from the email, and paste it back into 1Password in order to continue.

    I'd recommend using the same Master Password as you're using for your existing standalone data from version 6 unless you think it's time to make it stronger because the old one was weak, too short, or potentially compromised. It's your choice, but it's easier to remember if you use the same one. Whatever you do, however, make sure your Master Password is a good one -- it's the main thing protecting your data.

    Once you've done those things - email address, name, Master Password and six-digit confirmation code, you'll be offered a window to import your data. DO THIS, don't skip it. It can be done manually later, but the fastest and easiest way to do it is right now. It's also least likely to cause problems like forgetting to do it later and then wondering where all your data is. You'll see 1Password working to transfer your data from your standalone vault to your new account, after which you'll see a "Take me to my vault" button to click. 1Password will have migrated your items, and removed the old standalone vault, leaving you with only your vault, with all your data.

    Once you've gone through this process on your "main" Mac, you don't need to repeat it elsewhere. Just use these instructions on all your other devices to sign into the account and remove your older Primary vault. That should get you on the same page, synced automatically via the servers, on every device you use. Hope that was helpful! :)

  • eveningcloudseveningclouds Junior Member

    Thanks much! I'll get to this in the next couple days. I appreciate your help.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @eveningclouds - you're quite welcome. Send up a flare if you run into any difficulties. :)

  • Umm ok, I am almost convinced. One last question which I am not clear on: when I move from a standalone version to, how do my current vaults get imported?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    That's a great question @filch, and I'm glad you asked. :) The process of moving your data from your current standalone vaults to vaults is done within the 1Password app. This is one of the areas in which I feel we've improved the most recently and really I feel at this point it is almost entirely painless. It's really almost what I would call "automagical." That said we do have a guide available for those who need a little bit of step-by-step instruction:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    Of course if you have any trouble, not that I'd anticipate any, we'll be here to help. :)


  • Well it seems straight forward, however, we have a bit of an issue in that, my wife and I both had standalone versions and we have struggled getting both apps plus our windows versions all seeing the exact same things in our vaults. We were using a network share, then started using dropbox. The issue was that my wife and I each had our own dropbox accounts so really could not work with dropbox syncing to only my account or hers because issues arose with the rest of the dropbox functionality in terms of permissions etc. Anyway, long story short, her vault, while almost the same, has differences from mine. How can we make sure both are the same before we import or, can we import more than one vault into our new account and will 1password ignore dups in the new account?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @filch: With 1Password memberships, it's much simpler to deal with stuff like that because there is no sync configuration: each of you signs into your own account on each device, and any vaults you have access to are automatically available there. That also means that if you setup a new vault and share it with your wife, she doesn't have to do anything: it just appears in her account. Dropbox is a great tool, and one I've used for over a decade and continue to; but man I don't miss setting up sync for each individual vault on each device for each member of my family. ;)

    As far as getting there, I'm not sure how a vault is "almost the same, has differences" between the two of you, unless you're not syncing it and you each have a separate vault. I was under the impression you were using Dropbox to sync. Can you clarify?

  • Well, the only time she synced properly with me is when she signed into my dropbox account and had that on her computer, But then, she also used dropbox for her work so she was constantly logging out of my dropbox and installing and using her own dropbox. So, she ended up with her own vault which is now not the same as my vault, or the oned we all USED to use. Now I am the only one using it and she has hers but they are not the same. Of course, we do not want to miss data when combining and we also do not want dups.

  • No sure how you set up sync with all members of your family is they all had their own dropbox account, which is our situation.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    Switching to 1Password Families will look like this for you:

    1. Sign up for a Families account
    2. Move your existing data in your account
    3. Put everything that you want your wife to access inside the Shared vault
    4. Invite your wife to your account
    5. Optionally, have her migrate only the missing data from her vault.

    Everything will now be inside the Shared vault, and every member of the Families account will be able to access the same copy of the items.

    I hope this helps!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @filch: Yeah, given how much things will have diverged over time, while "duplication" could be a problem, conflicts would be a bigger one. You would not want one person's data overwriting the other's. Ana's suggestion is the best one: start with getting yourself setup, and then you can move items between the Shared vault as needed. 1Password isn't going to be able to determine for you what you want to keep and what is unneeded though, so it will likely require some sorting on your part -- depending on how much of what your wife has accumulated needs to be kept. You can each store your personal stuff in your account's Private vault, and then have anything that needs to be accessible to both of you in Shared.

  • Sounds like a ton of work. There is a 30 day trial yes?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @filch: Yes there is! And while there isn't any way for us to help directly (we don't and shouldn't know anything about your data), if you'll reach out at [email protected] and mention me with a link to this discussion, I'll be happy to help in any way I can. How much work it will be will depend entirely on how much data you have and how much "sorting" needs to be done, but it's not something you'd need to do all at once; I find it's more manageable to deal with the most-used stuff first and then bite off a bit at a time until the rest is done. It may seem daunting, but copying from one vault to another is way less work than copying and pasting bits of data from another app entirely -- which was the only option I had when I got started. :)

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