Is a WIndows license a separate purchase?

Hey guys, i have one password for my mac, iphone and ipad and really need it for windows when it's released, will i have to buy this again or can i just sign in in some way?


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    Welcome to the forums, acook59! Thanks for asking about this.

    1Password for Windows was released about a year ago, so whenever you would like to purchase a license, we're ready for you. :)

    As listed on our licensing page, 1Password is licensed per-user, per-platform. That means that if you want to use 1Password for Windows, you will need a Windows license.

    The good news is that as an existing 1Password user, you are entitled to a discount. Just enter your existing 1Password for Mac license key on the upgrade page:

    If you are using 1Password very infrequently in Windows, and/or wouldn't mind read-only access to your data, you can take advantage of the 1PasswordAnywhere feature already built into your data file for free:

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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