Having both personal and business 1Password?

Hello there! I am using 1Password for my personal passwords and stuff for years and now we are considering using 1Password business in our company. How does it work then? I assume its not possible to have 2x 1Password installed (one personal synced in my iCloud and one business). Or should I merge my personal 1Password under the business (I am the owner of the company) and setup me as the only person with access?

What do you recommend? Thank you!

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    Welcome to the forum, @MartinMates! Thanks for checking in, and for being a long-time 1Password user.

    What you're asking actually can be done (standalone Primary vault plus 1Password Business account), but I wouldn't recommend it, and you don't really NEED it, either. Why not? Because, if you're using 1Password Business accounts for your company, you and every one of your employees will get a complimentary 1Password Families account to use for your -- and your family's -- personal stuff.

    You can indeed sign into multiple accounts within 1Password 7 for Mac or 1Password 7 for Windows -- just go to the Accounts tab of Preferences within 1Password and you can add as many accounts as you own or are a member of. You'll be able to view and use all your data combined or in individual vaults, even as the accounts themselves remain separate. The best of both worlds, in short. :) You can migrate your existing 1Password data into either your personal (1Password Families) account or your 1Password Business account -- or some into one, some into the other, whatever suits your situation best. Hope that's helpful! Let us know if you have any questions. :)

  • Thank you!

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    @MartinMates - you're quite welcome! Glad I was able to help, and welcome to 1Password Business! :)

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