1Password X - Password Manager 1.14.3 - Mozilla Firefox Slow auto-fill of passwords

Team, I am a new user of 1Password.

I have installed\enabled "1Password X - Password Manager 1.14.3" plugin on Mozilla Firefox (60.6.1esr). Problem is: I can see, there's 5-10 seconds delay when 1Password auto-fills the password in various websites. I tested this with number of websites and the pattern is same!.

I don't have "1Password for Windows" application installed (or working) on my machine.

Do you've any suggestions to resolve this latency with auto-fill process?.

Dinesh Ramachandran

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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hey @rkdinesh – 5-10 seconds seems outrageous! I'm really sorry you're going through that. I'm curious about the specs of your machine because I haven't experienced any slowness to that extent. Are you noticing this delay on every website you try to fill using 1Password X or just a few? If the latter, would you mind listing them out so I can have some folks using Windows test it out in Firefox to see if we get the same results? Thanks!

  • Hi Kaitlyn, I experience this time delay with all applications, that includes popular application like Gmail, LinkedIn etc. My PC's config is: Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit, 8 GB RAM, Processor is: Intel Core i5-5300U CPU @2.30GHz.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member
    edited May 2019

    Thanks for the extra details! I know we're working on improving the speed of 1Password X in Firefox, but like I've mentioned, I've never seen a lag of 5-10 seconds. I took a screencast after I tested out the stable version of 1Password X in Firefox so you can see the speed on my computer.

    Are you able to take a quick screencast of yours so I can pass it along to my team?

  • Hi Kaitlyn, Post the upgrade of 1Password X from 1.14.3 to 1.15 on 09th May 2019, I no longer experience any latency with auto-fill credentials using 1Password X add-on component.

    Thanks for your support.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hey @rkdinesh – that's so great to hear! To go from a 5-10 second delay to not experiencing any latency must have been like a dream. :chuffed:

  • Exactly!

  • ceceliacecelia

    Team Member

    :):+1: Thanks for keeping us in the loop, @rkdinesh - It's always nice to hear an update resolved an issue, even if for just one of our lovely users. I'm sure many others have seen an improvement as well though; I know I have. ❤️

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