[Internals] How does the mac app determine the "main" account when multiple accounts are used ?



In my journey in the internals of Lastpass, I discovered that the "main" account was still needed to decrypt data of other associated "accounts".

However, given the table accounts of the B5.sqlite database, what's the right way to determine the "main" account ? The one used to unlock the application.

In my setup this is the one with id == 1, but I doubt this is always the case.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    The Master Password of the first added account is what will unlock the 1Password for Mac app.

    The way 1Password unlocks is:

    1. If a Primary vault exists then unlock using the Master Password for that vault, regardless of what, if any, memberships are signed in
    2. If a single 1Password membership is signed in then unlock using the Master Password for that membership account
    3. If multiple memberships are signed in then unlock using the Master Password of the first added membership

    These are each exclusive scenarios. For example, if multiple memberships are signed in, you cannot unlock 1Password using the Master Password of the second account that was added.


  • mickaelmickael

    @Ben, thanks for the really precise answer (as usual)

    With your help, I successfully implemented multi-accounts support in my tool.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @mickael - on behalf of Ben, you're quite welcome! Glad he was able to help. :)

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