Transitioning two existing Individual accounts to one Family account?

So I have two family members who have existing 1Password accounts and we'd like to migrate those two accounts into one Family account that we can share with a couple other family members. Both of the current accounts are billed monthly, but through separate iTunes accounts. What's the best way to accomplish this transition, logistically?

Also, just to clarify, the individual family members on the Family account each have a private vault, as well as access to the shared vault, correct? Are there any limitations to this setup for the individual, compared to just a normal account?


1Password Version: 7.3
Extension Version:
OS Version: iOS 12, Windows 10
Sync Type: iCloud?


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    Welcome to the forum, @Spaceghost! There are a few ways up this mountain, but the best way is probably for one of you (probably yourself?) to visit the 1Password Families sign-up page and open a new 1Password Families account (same 30-day trial as usual). Next, invite your family members. Don't forget to save your Emergency Kits!

    Once you've done all that in your browser, both you and your family members who have existing 1Password individual accounts can use these instructions to add your new account to your existing 1Password app. Then use these instructions to move your items from within your existing individual 1Password app into the appropriate vault(s) in the 1Password Families app. You will each need to re-create any links between items that you may have made, manually, as these don't survive the migration. Once all your data is safely within your new 1Password Families account, click Preferences > Accounts in 1Password 7 for Mac, select your old Individual 1Password account, and click the minus button at the bottom of the page to remove it from 1Password. That should leave you with only your 1Password Families account, with all your data in it. You can decide amongst yourselves what ought to be in the Shared vault.

    Lastly, any of you with those pre-existing 1Password individual accounts will need to cancel your Apple Subscription for those older individual accounts, to avoid continued billing. Let us know if you have any questions! :)

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    Hi @Lars! Thanks for the quick reply.

    Ok, I created the family account and I'm able to log into both accounts, both online and in the Windows app. When I try to add the old account as a second account in the app, however, it keeps telling me that I have have one of the credentials wrong, even though everything but the Master Password is autofilling directly from the website and I'm sure the password is correct (I've tried typing it and pasting it from the website directly). This is obviously preventing me from transferring my existing data to the new family account. Any thoughts? I'm using the same email address for both accounts. Should that matter? As I said, I am able to log into both of them separately with no issue...

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    @Spaceghost - using the same email address for both accounts isn't an issue as long as one is Individual and one is a 1Password Families account. I was under the impression you already had your existing Individual account in a 1Password app; you shouldn't have needed to add it if it was already there. If for some reason you DO need to add it, then you'll just need your sign-in address, email address you used, Master Password and Secret Key. If you still have your Emergency Kit from that older Individual account, you can scan your Setup Code from that, which will fill all details except your Master Password.

    If that's not how you're trying to add the account, can you describe the exact steps you're taking?

    If you can sign into your older Individual 1Password account on the web at in a browser, you can also (re)-download your Emergency Kit by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner of the window after signing into your account on the web, then choosing My Profile from the drop-down menu and finally "Download Emergency Kit" on the resulting page.

  • @Lars - Yeah, I was already signed into my old individual account in the app. After I created the new family account, I selected "Sign into another account..." in the Accounts menu of the Windows app. I filled out the sign-in address, email address, Secret Key, and Master Password from the new account, which should have resulted in both of the accounts being available in the app for the information transfer, as was described in the instructions you linked. However, when I submitted the credentials for the new account, it gave me a red error text saying either the sign-in address, email address, Secret Key, or Master Password was incorrect. I tried it again and it gave me the same error.

    Thinking I'd made a typo or something, I went back to the website, where I was logged into the new account, and followed the "Get the apps" link. On this page I clicked the large, blue "Add your account directly" button, which spawned the same "Add account" form within the app I had been using before, except with all of the information prefilled into the form except for the Master Password, which I copied from the web client and pasted into the form to avoid the possibility of typos. It failed again.

    I decided to sign out of the old account on the app and attempted to sign into the new family account by itself to make sure I wasn't crazy. I worked the first time. I signed out again and was able to immediately log back into the old individual account. I repeated all the steps described above several more times, manually typing the credentials, pasting them from the 1Password login entry in the web client web client, and propagating them directly into the Windows app using the "Add your account directly" button on the "Get the apps" page. I always get the red error text telling me something is wrong with the credentials. I can sign in and out of both accounts in the web client and individually in the Windows app, but I can never add an account to an existing login session.

    I'm pretty sure either I'm either fundamentally misunderstanding something or there is some sort of problem, because ruled out a typo at this point. Thanks for the help!

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    Hi @Spaceghost,

    I think we might need to look at a diagnostic report from your 1Password app to see why this is happening. Can you please generate one and send it to [email protected]?

    After sending it, please also write here the Support ID you received so we can locate it into the system.

    Thank you!

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    Hi @ag_ana! I’m away from home today, but I’ll email and post here when I’m back. Thanks!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    @Spaceghost, no worries.
    Thank you for letting me know ;)

    Have a wonderful day :)

  • We have a little different situation - I am a longtime user, updated to 6, never a member. My wife just started with a version 7 trial, and has made a start at putting in passwords. We realize now that we should share each other's data, and it looks like a family plan is the way to go. How do we get started?

  • Didn't get any guidance, so just plunged ahead. Bought the family plan with my wife's account, since it was newly created, she had the emergency kit and all. From her account she invited me, I got the invitation and accepted. I downloaded latest version (I was at version 6), installed it, install seemed to go fine, downloaded emergency kit with secret key and created new master password. I have been unsuccessful getting the new 1Password app on my mac to let me log in with the new Master Password. It still wants me to use the old Master Password. When I do, I see signs of my wife's vault, but not the shared vault that is on her system.

    Did I screw up by trying to install on top of my old install? I did make an export, so if the right answer is to blow everything away and do a clean install, I could do that, and then import my logins/passwords file. Should I do that?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @macounwr! Welcome to the forum!

    I have been unsuccessful getting the new 1Password app on my mac to let me log in with the new Master Password. It still wants me to use the old Master Password.

    Do you still have your old Primary vault inside your 1Password app, even after migrating your data inside your 1Password account?

    When I do, I see signs of my wife's vault, but not the shared vault that is on her system.

    This can happen if your wife has invited you but not confirmed you yet. She should have received an email telling her that you have created an account, and she can now confirm you from the 1Password website.

    Once this is done, you will be able to see the account's Shared vault in addition to your Private vault.

    I did make an export, so if the right answer is to blow everything away and do a clean install, I could do that, and then import my logins/passwords file. Should I do that?

    I don't think this will be necessary right now, so let's not do it.

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    Hi @ag_ana @Lars - Ok so this morning I had the idea of trying to log into both accounts using the iOS app rather than through the Windows 10 app and it worked perfectly the first time! I’ve transferred all my previous data to the new family account and I should be all set.

    Would you guys still want me to send a diagnostic report from the Windows app? Based on the way things worked with the iOS app, I can tell something was definitely not right with the way the Windows app was functioning, so I though your techs may want to take a look.

    Let me know if it would be helpful and I’ll forward it to tech support, or whatever you’d like me to do. Otherwise, thanks for all your help!

  • Right, after she confirmed me, I could see the shared vault, and we are up and running. One other point of confusion was, I was trying to login using the new master password, and that didn't work. I'm sure I used the password I set, but still, no joy. Once I went back to logging in with my original Master Password, everything fell into place. Documentation should probably call attention to this.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I am happy to hear things worked on iOS! If you are still seeing the same issue on Windows, perhaps the team might find it useful to take a look at the diagnostic report, if it still contains information about what went wrong. If this is the case, please feel free to send one from your PC to [email protected]

    Please also post here the Support ID you received so we can locate your message in the system :)

    Thank you!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    @macounwr Thank you for the feedback! And I am also happy to hear that things work as expected after she confirmed you :)

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