Session duration management

in CLI


I was wondering if there was some way or plans to manage the server session duration ?

I solved my problem of sharing a session between multiple terminals but the default duration is too small for my taste 😉


  • cohixcohix

    Team Member

    Not currently no, the session will die after 30m of inactivity.

  • Ok, thanks I will play around the inactivity :)

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    :) :+1:

  • @cohix, are all API call supposed to refresh the session ? or only some specific actions ?

  • cohixcohix

    Team Member

    @mickael I believe everything should.

  • mickaelmickael
    edited May 13

    I confirm I managed to keep the session open by simply querying op get account --acount="TEAM_SHORTHAND" > /dev/null

  • graham_1Pgraham_1P

    Team Member

    Woo hoo~ :+1:

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