Support iOS FileProvider for syncing

Hi Guys,

I hade a feature request.

It would be great if 1Password could support iOS FileProviders for syncing. That way, any third party cloud provider could be used for file syncing. Please see

DropBox and ICloud are already FileProviders, so this could even replace the existing ICloud/DropBox syncing with one universal sync 'source'.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @samangh!

    Thank you for sharing your feedback :) In all fairness to you, however, we have no plans to support additional sync methods or techniques at the moment. We built exactly to avoid having to rely on a third-party service to sync your data. Our own sync service does not have any limitations whatsoever, and is the most optimized sync method for your 1Password data. Because of this, we think that it's the best option for our customers, and we prefer to put our development effort into making it the best we can.

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