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It was very usefull for me to attache files with my login items or notes or passwords. Now with the new and monthly billed 1PW 7 I can only link documents with my items. This means:

1) After migration to 1PW 7 I have now a whole mess of documents not knowing to which login item they now belong. Some are duplicates or even more and I am not able to delete them because I don't know if or where I will miss it in future.

2) If I move or copy a linked login item to another vault on my Mac or PC and reopen the login on an other device (iOS) the document is deleted. It is not possible to transfer the documenent with the login item to an other vault in one piece. Only the name of the deleted document is still visible then in the login item. But the document itself stays on the other vault.

I am not able to see an advantage of linked documents, do you? It becomes really chaotic now!

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Silvermoon

    The advantage of Documents over attachments is that they are more flexible, e.g.:

    1. Documents can exist without needing a "parent" item. If I want I can add a copy of the deed to my house as a Document in 1Password without having to first create some other type of item. With attachments I might've first created a Secure Note and then attached the deed to it. Essentially Documents are first-class citizens, where attachments were not.
    2. It is possible to link multiple items to a single Document. I like to link a scan of each of my credit cards to the Login item for each account that has that credit card data stored. With attachments I would've had to create an attachment of each card on each item, which is very inefficient, and difficult to maintain. Every time the card expires I would've had to go through and find each instance of the attachment, delete it, and upload a new one. Now I simply replace the one Document with the new one and everything is up to date. This helps avoid having duplicates going forward.

    i understand that in coming from the older way of doing things it can initially be a bit of a mess, particularly if you didn't have your attachments named according to what they are. That said I do believe in the new system and I think after a small period of adjustment you'll find that it is a better system overall.

    I hope that helps!


  • Ok, with Credit Cards it's an easy way to do so, no doubt.

    But I have also non-readable or non-pdf-files which are not self-explaining (certificates or licence-keys for example). It is not recommanded to rename some of such files otherwise they become unusable. And I also added explanations in the notes of the items how to use it and what they are or added also a Manual as an-pdf-file. And how should I now put this together in an easy way if I store it as single documents? This isn't possible further with 1PW 7. And if it would the item falls in pieces if I move it from one vault to another at the latest.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    edited May 6

    But I have also non-readable or non-pdf-files which are not self-explaining (certificates or licence-keys for example). It is not recommanded to rename some of such files otherwise they become unusable

    Understood. While the title of Document items assume the file name by default the title can be changed independently. You don't have to change the file name to change the title. :)

    And how should I now put this together in an easy way if I store it as single documents?

    I'm not sure I understand the question. Could you provide an example?


  • For example: I want to put the file itself, a refering Manual-pdf and maybe a short note as a reminder or explanation in one item as I did it till last week. An all these parts should not fall apart also when I copy or move the item to other vaults in my Family account.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Silvermoon - I'm with Ben: I'm not sure I understand. If you upload a PDF as a Document item, you can give it whatever title you wish. Then you can link to it from any number of other items in 1Password, or link to other items within the Document item.

    Each Document item will have the ability for you to add any text you wish in the "Notes" field, as well as additional sections containing whatever you wish: text fields, password fields, etc. I'm not understanding what you feel you could do previously that you can't do currently.

  • Ok, for example I link a login-item with a document-file. Then I move or copy this login-item to another vault. If I open then the login-item in the new vault I read that the linked file was deleted. I even get a warning before I copy or move this item to the other vault that the linked file wii be deleted now. Nice to know but now I have copy or move all linked files one by one to the other vault and put then all together again. This wasn't so before! I was able to send the items with their linked files across all vaults and all items kept together with their linked files.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I see. Yes, that is a situation that we would like to improve. :)


  • Ah, a ray of hope, thank you! :) But I suppose this will not happen till next week?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I couldn't say for sure when (or even guarantee if) it'll happen. It is on the list of things we'd like to accomplish, but our priorities tend to be fairly dynamic and so we're very hesitant to map out where we're going. We'd much rather under promise and over deliver than promise something and then not come through. If this happens, I imagine it won't be until a good while after WWDC.


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