Feature-Request: Mail generator

For privacy and security reasons, I use a new e-mail address for each app, so that services such as clearbit can not sniff or complete my data.

I would love it if I could set a catch-all domain in 1Password and 1Password automatically generates a new email address for each new login.

Login Facebook: [email protected]
Login Twitter: [email protected]

Maybe you can build a business model with that and offer a domain service for non-technical people :)


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  • Hi @jan0711,

    I too create new addresses for each site and service I use, mostly so that in the event of spam I know exactly who to blame. The trouble is our need is really niche. The number of people who go to this length is not many, likely representing a very small fraction of 1Password users. If there is a convincing argument as to why this should be prioritised over many other improvements I have yet to think of it and I say that as somebody who would benefit. I would love it if 1Password could do this but one of the factors we need to consider when deciding where development time is spent is what percentage of our users would benefit from this. Maybe I will be proven wrong but I suspect we will need to continue manually generate our email addresses.

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