New iMac help please

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I have a new iMac.
Also have a 1 Password Account
How can I continue to add my 1P ?
Downloaded from AppStore
Please see pic


  • gazugazu


    Click the "" option.

  • ronenronen


  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @ronen - was that all you needed? If so, I'm glad you got things sorted out. Once you're using a account, if you get new devices on which you want to use 1Password, all you need to do is a) download the appropriate 1Password app for that platform from our downloads page or the appropriate app store, b) launch the app and c) sign into your account. Your data will appear (nearly) instantly, synced automatically. Nothing else to worry about setting up; no sync options, no making sure you've got the license key or file. Just sign in. You will need both your Master Password and your Secret Key the first time (or you can scan your setup code from your Emergency Kit), but that's really it: download, install, launch app, sign in. Done.

  • ronenronen
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    Lars Thank you.
    It took me some time to do this as I didn’t connect all these procedures in my head , l had to use my other Apple device (iPad) to scan the key and forget to use the Authy app at all to find some numbers and forget the pin key to use that app. But after half an hour i did it.
    Thank you
    Ps. Still don’t remember how to see and change the Authy pin code.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @ronen - I'm just glad you were able to get things up and working again. :) Can't help with Authy, unfortunately.

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