1password X or desktop

Hi, I have one question: 1 password X seems to be better than desktop extension for compatibility with browsers. You said that it should be the future 1password extension but today seems that the first extension is desktop version. I think it is a lot of extra work for you to manage two extensions. What is your advice for the best extension? Thanks


  • ceceliacecelia

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    edited May 2019

    Hey @lucasan. Great question! There are quite a few folks still using 1Password with licenses rather than with 1Password.com memberships and even though 1Password X is better for everything else, it doesn't support use with local vaults and does require a membership (account) to use. I believe we have the app dependent 1Password extension listed first is because it works with both memberships and local vaults, so listing it first results in less confusion. Until 1Password X can support local vaults, I'd only suggest using the app dependent extension if you have a license instead of a membership — In every other case, I highly recommend 1Password X!

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