1PassworX interface, why hide options?

I am trialling 1 password before moving from Lastpass because I disliked their new interface. I thought yours was great until the update to 1 Password X. You have changed the interface such that item like Notes, favourites, tags etc are not on the front window. It is now necessary to go through sub menus to get to the data I want.. This a very poor UX and is not what I experience dwith the previous version. Why hide the choices? It really slows down using the app.

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  • Hey, @haitch.

    I don't know if we have the same version on 1PassX, but personally, I'm enjoying very much the latest update. For once, you just have to start typing whatever you want to find and it will automatically search it for you, no additional clicks. And if you'd actually wanted to navigate to a specific type of item, you just have to click once on the menu below the search bar and then go to the type of item you want. it makes the whole app so much smoother and efficient.

    I know it may not be the same experience you're having, just wanted to let you know 2 features that I actually like more in this new version. Have a nice weekend! ;)

  • I have the version that was pushed out to me this morning (Windows with Firefox). You have to know what to type to use search. The notes used to be on the front page of the app, now they are a sub menu. You make too many assumptions about user cases when saying search is always the answer. For example I cannot type notes in the search bar and get my notes. I get sites and logins that contain the word notes. I have uses for notes that are not always about logging in to a web page. Also some websites have a second line of login info required that is not stored in the main 1 password file and I use secure notes for this.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hey @haitch! We appreciate the feedback. :) I'm curious what you're using notes for that you're needing to access in 1Password X. Is there something you need to see or copy in your browser specifically? It's nice to hear other use cases so we can take everything into consideration when building future versions of 1Password X.

    I also want to make sure you're aware that you can add additional sections and notes to your Login items. That's typically where I store any information that's not part of the login process, like recovery codes for example. That way it's suggested whenever I'm visiting that web page.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well, @arturoaubry! It's always nice to hear different perspectives.

  • Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for reaching out. I use the secure notes as a reliable encrypted repository for additional information related to all tech that needs logins and passwords. There are also lots of instances now where logins will not fill with a password manager and there are some sites (mostly financial or Governmental) that use a second line of security that I need to look up when logging in.e.g a second passcode where they want random characters from the code.I have found using Secure Notes as a really smooth way of accessing this information, particularly if I can have the note open in one tab while filling requested data on another tab (this was the Lastpass method not yours, but they messed that up as well), so having the notes buried under several levels of menu makes finding the info a pain.
    There are also specific notes that I need for example vital data for elderly relatives for when they forget their logins or medical contacts and for lesser used tech items like managed switches and various details like passport numbers etc that are needed sporadically but need to be secure.
    The appeal of a Password manager offering Secure Notes was a way of keeping all this information accessible but with the update to 1Password X you have moved one of the most appealing features and buried it in the interface for, as I see it, no gain in usability or it appearance.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    @haitch – Thank you for the valuable feedback and for explaining your use case in detail. I would suggest storing notes inside Login items for some of the cases you mentioned. If it relates to a Login item (e.g. "a second passcode where they want random characters from the code"), then I think that's the best place for it to go. You may find this much easier since your Login item will already be in your Suggestions. For your other cases, I understand where you're coming from. If you feel the need to go back to the old popup, you're welcome to remove and reinstall 1Password X, but choose "Not Now" instead of "Upgrade" when you're told that 1Password has a new look. I hope that helps for now!

  • Hi Kaitlyn,
    That's a reasonable idea but I am unable to view the notes within the login items as it always launches the site in a tab before making the details accessible. Once the web page is open I can then go to suggested items to see the notes. (a very circuitous method). How would I make additional notes or edit some of the information outside a browsing event? Bear in mind this would sometimes be details I would require for voice identification, eg telephone banking or to talk someone else through their login.
    I should also point out that I access 1Password from the browser plugin, using the installed icon in the menu bar. Is this the reason the functionality is so limited?

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    You'll be able to see your notes within an item by selecting that item in the popup at any time – whether that be in Suggestions, by searching, or by scrolling and clicking on the desired item. I'm unsure how having a Secure Note would differ from having the note inside your Login item other than how it's recommended to you, but I respect your decision either way. I wanted to share my recommendations with you and perhaps save you some time scrolling to find your Secure Note that corresponds to a Login item. Could you let me know what you mean when you say that the functionality is limited? I'm curious what it is you're unable to do in 1Password X that caused the limited functionality. I wouldn't say that I'd agree, so I want to learn more and figure out how we can improve there.

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