Duplicate based on Password item (from the generator) + Login item


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  • Hey @Lars . Seems like it's the same process @gct3o mentioned. I'm copying the password from the extension and pasting it on the field since I see no option to do that automatically.

    My 1password version is 7.3.684, my 1password extension is and my google chrome is Version 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit). I'm using windows for this environment.

    If this helps, great. If not, I can try to make a video or something to show what's happening.

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    Hi @arcanjo, and thank you for the confirmation!

    I'm copying the password from the extension and pasting it on the field since I see no option to do that automatically.

    Can you please elaborate on this point a little bit? In a previous post you wrote:

    I use the generate password function from the google chrome extension

    How do you do this exactly?

  • Hello @ag_ana !

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    So, let's go step by step.

    1) I go to a website and try to create or update my account. In this case, I choose techcrunch. I don't have an account on this website for now.

    2) I fill up the required fields and let the password to be generated by the 1password extension

    3) I open my 1password extension and click on the password generator option. As you can see, I don't have any logins for this website.

    4) I copy the password generated by the tool, as you can see I have no option to fill that up automatically. I only have the copy option. So I copy it and paste to the password field. It's in portuguese, but it's the "senha" field.

    5) I hit continue. 1password asks me to save the new login. I hit save.

    6) Now, if I go to my 1password app, it shows 2 entries if I search for the password I just created.

    7) It shows the password as a reused password in the "Reused passwords" tab.

    I hope it helps you to understand the process.

    8) BONUS: After all these steps, I changed my password on this website. And now I have 3 entries on my 1password app... :-(

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    Hi @arcanjo,

    Thank you for the detailed steps and screenshots! They are really helpful.

    The behaviour you described is intentional in the current version of Password 7 for Windows. When you generate a password with the help of a password generator in 1Password extension, it is automatically saved as an item in the Passwords category of your vault. It is a backup plan: if you don't save a Login item you generated a password for, you will not lose the password. If you saved all of your needed passwords as Logins, it is safe to delete the passwords in Passwords category. After that, you will not see notifications from Watchtower.

    In the future, we want to add an automatic cleanup function to remove any redundant password items after you create a new Login item with the same website/password combination as the password item. We'll add an extra manual tool to let you clean up old password items that follows the same rule.

    Please let me know if it clarifies this situation. If you have any other questions, we are here for you. :) Thank you!


  • Hey @Greg !

    I got it. I understand the first part (save the password as a backup plan) and it's really valuable since a lot can happen between the password generation and the login creation. Good job!

    But it really annoys me to have all of these passwords stored since the process itself was finished with a login as a result. I'm really looking forward to seeing this second step: automatic cleanup or, even better, a password deletion right after the login is created with the same password/website.

    It's a small thing, I know, but it seems disorganized to me when I go to the app and see all these alerts.

    Thanks for your reply!

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    We definitely agree, @arcanjo, and are looking forward to it as well. Although not a perfect workaround, how I've handled these for now is that I go in once a month and delete any password items older than 30 days. Way I look at it, if I've gone a month and not needed that Password item, that probably means my Login item was properly updated and it's safe to just delete the companion Password item. It's not the most tidy and it's some extra work, but like you I really hate all the alerts and clutter so it's worth it to me to go in and tidy things up from time to time. So the same day I go through and pay bills, I go ahead and sort the Passwords category by date created, scroll down to those that were created about a month ago, click the first in that list, hold shift, click the oldest one and send 'em to the trash. Some clutter remains and it's not quite perfect, but I find I feel better having done it and it keeps things from getting totally out of hand. Perhaps you'll find the same helps you as well, at least until we get some automation running here. :chuffed:

  • Thanks for sharing your way, @bundtkate ! I'll do that for now, at least while we don't have an automatic solution. By the way, I have already started since I saw it growing up up up.

    If you need some help testing or something else, let me know :chuffed:


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