1Password's Rich Image service doesn't recognise some icons and doesn't sync manual uploads.

Hi there!

I've noticed that 1Password X doesn't store some website's logo in the vault automatically, and doesn't sync the manual upload to the Android app. I've added the following URLs to my 'personal' vault:

In an attempt to manually fix this, I begun with Archidekt. I looked at Archidekt's website via the Developer Tools Inspector in Mozilla Firefox, and noted it does use a favicon.ico file in the header, and a "logo.17ade688.svg" file elsewhere in the body. I attached the .ico file to my Archidekt item in my vault, as 1Password wouldn't accept the .svg file as a valid image format. I am aware that 1Password doesn't fall back on favicons as much anymore, but it still doesn't source this favicon file here. I haven't attempted this with the other three sites, but I suspect that they are relatively similar cases. I'll test later when I have time to confirm, if required.

I manually uploaded the attached file to my Archidekt item in the vault via the 1Password for Windows and it syncs to the 1Password X Mozilla Firefox extension. However, it does not sync to 1Password for Android.

Note: I'm using f.lux on my PC, which is why there is a yellow tint to the screenshots.

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version: 1.15.1 Firefox 64-bit
OS Version: Windows 10.0.14393
Sync Type: 1Password X Active Subscription
Referrer: forum-search:favicon doesnt save


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    I'm sorry for the confusion. We absolutely, without a doubt, 100% don't want user's custom (manually-added) icons syncing to us and other users, both for privacy reasons and...well, I'm sure you can imagine what might happen if we did; it's the internet, after all. :tongue: I can't make any promises, but if you can provide high quality (~500px) icon and URL pairs, we may be able to add them in the future. And you can always add any icon you want to your items in the mean time. :)

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