1Password 7(app, ext) for Windows lags & doesn't animate smoothly like 1Password 6(app,ext) for Mac

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I have both standalone license for 1password 7(windows) and 1password 4&6(windows,mac). The new 1password 7 which uses react-native is no where close the native feel of old 1password 4 windows or 1password 6 mac. Right from unlocking the vault animation stutters, the browser extension on windows lags never responds to mouse inputs properly, has lackluster usability like the 1password mini doesn't scroll properly to last searched password when opened, no smooth scroll inside when trying to scroll for information, the two factor auth key coped notification never appears properly. I wasted 40$ buying a newer version which is inferior to older version in every way.

1Password Version: 7.3
Extension Version: 4.7.3
OS Version: Windows 10 1803, OSX Mojave
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @meetajhu,

    Thank you for getting in touch! I am sorry to hear you bumped into the troubles with 1Password for Windows.

    It sounds like you bumped into a known performance issue, when you have a rather large local vault in the current version of 1Password 7.3. Majority of our customers are not affected by this issue, it's limited to a narrow range of setups. We believe our upcoming update will address almost all of the remaining delay issues but until we release its first beta first, we won't know for sure.

    Right now, could you please try to do the following:

    1) Uninstall the current version of 1Password 7 that you have now.

    2) Install 1Password 7.2 from here.

    3) Launch it after install, go to Settings > Update > Update channel, and disable automatic updates there.

    Does the lag issue remains in this version? Please let me know. Thank you! :+1:


  • Hi @Greg

    It made no difference. I think its underlying framework. Could have tried something like QT.

  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    @meetajhu: If the issue remains, let's investigate. I just sent you an email with the instructions on how to create a Diagnostics Report and share it with us (please attach it to a return email and do not post it here).

    Thanks in advance!


    ref: MWV-85343-632

  • Sent diagnostics

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    1Password for Windows version 7 is a native app using C# and WPF with some C++ and Rust for flavour -- not "react-native", as you claim. :tongue:

    Anyway, I'll follow up with you about the diagnostics via email. :)

  • 🙄 I really don’t get how Razer driver or Synapse is affecting the performance of other applications. Even after I switched mouse without any drivers installed using compatible Microsoft driver the problem still persists.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member
    edited May 2019

    @meetajhu: :unamused: As I mentioned via email,

    the only confirmed reports like this that are reproducible stemmed from some Razer software and drivers like you're running. So you may be able to get some relief from an update from Razer, or by disabling those if no update to address this is available for your specific hardware.

    Again, thanks for sending the logs. We'll continue to investigate to see if there is something we can do to work around system-specific input issues like this.

    But thanks for letting me know that didn't make a difference in your case. We'll see if we can narrow down what causes this in certain people's setups.

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